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Chibi Lugia

by kanarichan

Pokemon XY Lugiaimg.png
kanarichan was actually suprised how this turned out >w< was my first doodle of the new year- and only because I was prepping for the bank to come out so I can hold a special giveaway >w> however....dunno when that may be. ^^;
Also- #creativechristmas >w> just noticed the deadline is tomorrow xDD
  1. Cloudswift
    Hey, I have an idea! Anyone else shocked? Aaaanywaaaaysssss, here's my idea: Silver with Lugia and Gold with Ho-Oh! Watcha think?
    Nov 8, 2016
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  2. Pikachucat
    that's one of my favorite pokemon
    Feb 15, 2015
  3. DarkElite1500
    I am so jealous of all you amazing artists. Please continue making amazing work for the world to enjoy. Not all of us have the talent!
    Jan 25, 2014
  4. kanarichan
    @Aphex - I used photoshop on my old laptop but haven't been able to re-download it since. I've actually been pretty fond of Paint Tool SAI, even before PS and after it's still my favourite. I did this in SAI with multiple layers and a few other options. Thank you for the comment as well, appreciated!
    Jan 11, 2014
  5. Aphex
    Nice. Did u use photoshop? I'm an artist myself n I'm also tryn to do computer work. Have any tips? That is really good. The shading is perfect.
    Jan 11, 2014
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  6. Flygonn
    I like all the fine details of Lugia. I also like the colouring style :)
    Jan 8, 2014
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  7. MemeZombieSan
    I love that coloring style :blush:
    Jan 7, 2014
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  8. TealTomboy10
    I love Lugia! Wonderful work! ^.^
    Jan 5, 2014
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