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Flash Challenges: 'Charms Challenge: Spring! (Part 3)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious #flashchallenge My Short Story: Bulba's Birth (Part 3)

It's getting exciting!
'Charms Challenge: Spring!

Bulba's Birth (Part 3): A Short Story

Ethan had just arrived in Cherrygrove, and instantly noticed the moving van in front of one of the smaller houses. A woman was carrying a box out to the van. She looked like she was having trouble.

Ethan rushed up to her and said, "I'll help you with that." He grabbed the other end of the box and helped the woman carry it to the back of the van. Once they set it down, the woman looked relieved.

"Thank you, young man. I'm guessing that you would be Ethan," the woman said. "I'm Brendan's mother."

"Hi. Professor Elm told me that I should come out and help your family pack," Ethan replied.

"Great! Why don't you go in and say hello to Brendan before you start. I', sure he would love to meet you!"

"Okay," said Ethan simply as he began to walk towards the house. Inside, in what appeared to be a small kitchen, most of the furniture was cleared out. Ethan headed upstairs.

The upstairs was a bedroom. A desk with two notebooks and a computer was at one end of the room, and a bed was at the other. It wasn't a very big room. A boy sat on the bed. He was wearing a white cap and had a green backpack on. "Hi!" Ethan greeted him cheerfully.

The boy looked up. It must've been Brendan. "Who are you?" he asked.

"I'm Ethan!" Ethan responded, still cheerful. "I'm here to help your family pack."

"Your Ethan! The pokemon trainer! In my bedroom!" Brendan was so excited.

"Well, I'm not that good. Do you want to see one of my pokemon?"

"YES!" Brendan practically screamed.

Ethan thought about sending out his Feraligatr, or Snorlax, but decided against it. "Go, Bulba!" And Bulba appeared in the room with them.

"A Bulbasaur," Breandan said. "Really? Not an epic pokemon?"

"Well, I figured I should show you Bulba here, because he's a starter, like one of the pokemon that you'll be getting when you get to Hoenn," Ethan explained. "I think you have a choice between Treeko, Torchic, and Mudkip."

Suddenly, Brendan's mom called up the stairs. "Boys, time to pack!"

Bulba, who was startled by the noise, went and hid under the covers on Brendan's bed next to a Bulbasaur Doll.

"We'll be right down, mom!" Brendan replied. "We better go down," he told Ethan.

"Okay," Ethan agreed. He called Bulba back to his pokeball and followed Brendan downstairs. But he didn't know that Bulba wasn't in that pokeball. The Bulbasaur Doll was in it by mistake, and Bulba didn't even know that the boys had left. He stayed hidden under the covers, listening to what he thought were the scary sounds of a monster on the ground floor.