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The End Chapters: Chapter three: One on One

by Pikalectric7

"Beat you!" Blake smirked.
"By an inch."
"Yeah right."
Blake and I had arrived at the front of a large, steel building. We were both excited to engage in our first gym battles. Unfortunately, the sun had already set, forcing a recorded message off a gruff man's voice to reply to our knocking by saying: 'sorry, the gym is closed right now. Come back tomorrow.'
"I can't sleep! How am I supposed to sleep when I am this psyched!?" Blake cried, gripping his hair.
"We have to wait an entire night. An entire night. This could not get any worse." Why did I have to go an literally Jynx it?
A cold blast of wind threw Blake and I to the pavement. Standing in front of us, was an angry Jynx. How could I tell it was angry? It had glowing red eyes. That's how. It threw a narrow, lethal ice shard at us. Blake and I struggled to our feet and dodged the icicle as it nearly impaled us.
"Why is it angry?!" Blake cried over the sound of continuous wind.
"You think I know?"
A mechanical roar shook the steel doors of the building. Out burst a tractor, by no doubt ten feet tall and a iron pipe, jutting out of its bumper, threw flames at the ground in front of the aggravated Jynx. It yelped and ran away clumsily.
"What was that?" Blake panted.
"Nothing short of epical." I replied.
A man easily jumped out of the tractor and greeted us with a nod.
"Hi. I'm Norton. Im the gym leader here."
"Hello! Wow, you're awake! Does that mean you'll battle us?" I pleaded.
"I guess so. Follow me to the battlefield."
Blake and I trailed behind Norton and into a oom with a massive dirt battlefield.
"I'll battle the girl first. Hope you're ready."
"You bet!"
I took my position and pulled out my pokeball, hoping Trapinch could win.
"Trapinch! Come on out!" I threw my pokeball into the air, and Trapinch appeared, surrounded in a red glow which faded quickly. Norton silently, while smirking, pulled out his pokeball and out came a Milotic.
'No way can we beat a water type with a ground-bug type...' I thought to myself. But I had to try.
"Trapinch, use sandstorm below yourself!"
A swirling sand tornado lifted Trapinch into the air.
"Now use dragon breath to boost yourself over Milotic's head! Giga impact from the sky!"
Trapinch plummeted towards Milotic and no doubt caused a lot of damage. Unharmed, Trapinch jumped back to his position in front of me.
"I'm gonna finish this with the first move, sweetheart. Milotic, whirlpool!"
Trapinch was knocked back, and collapsed to the ground.
"Trapinch! Come on, I know you can still get up! Trapinch!" I cried.
Miraculously, Trapinch staggered to its feet, and appeared to be charged with anger.
"Okay Trapinch, let's use sand tomb, then stone edge and boost it with dragonbreath!"
Milotic fell to the ground. It was unable to battle. I had won.
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  1. Ravyne Nevermore
    Ravyne Nevermore
    The gym battle ended a bit quick, but otherwise it's really good. :)
    Feb 24, 2015