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The End Chapters: Chapter one: Leaving home

by Pikalectric7

Pikalectric7 This will be a series about a girl named Jax, who feels as if something is always there but never truly sees it. She sets out on a journey to find what she is looking for, whatever it may be.
"What?" I gasped, a look of surprise etched on my face.
"I'm sorry Jax, but a boy just came by and picked up the last pokemon of choice," Professor Rowan said, laying a hand on my shoulder.
That nagging feeling in the back of my head told me I still had to try. I had to find it, whatever it was.
"I'm going to go on my own journey. I'll find an injured pokemon in the woods and heal it, and then maybe it will want to be one of my pokemon."
"I suppose that would be possible. Here," Professor Rowan handed me six small red and white spheres, and a rectangular electronic device.
"Thankyou." I turned on my heel and sprinted through the open door, heading straight for the nearby woods where all trainers in Hoenn started their journey. The moment my body passed under the branches, a cooling brush of wind swept over me. What sort of Pokemon would I like? I had no idea. I sat down on a small tree stump nearby, rolling a pokeball between my fingers.
"Trap? Trapinch, trap trap trapinch!" A rough voice called from beside me. I turned my head to see an orange, circular head, and beady eyes. A Trapinch! I didn't know if it would want to come with me though. Eagerly, I chided it towards me, speaking in a soft and comforting voice. Painstakingly slowly, it crept towards me, and tilted its head.
"Trapinch!" It smiled, and jumped onto the stump I had just been sitting on. I laughed, amazed at its boldness to approach me. Knowing what to do, ( I had made a plan the moment I saw it ) I reached for my pokeball and held it out to the Trapinch. Cautiously, it studied the pokeball, and pressed its stumpy foot against the button. Trapinch, smiling, was encased in a red glow, and disappeared into my pokeball.
  1. Pikalectric7
    Nah. I'm designing a guy she travels with in my head right now and she's gonna meet him in chapter two. EXCITED
    Feb 23, 2015
  2. Ravyne Nevermore
    Ravyne Nevermore
    Hmm this story starts out familiar. Does does Jax by any chance know Ash? :p
    Feb 23, 2015