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How did I end up in Hoenn?: Chapter 9.

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge This is chapter 9 of the reoccurring How did I end up in the Hoenn region series. Yes, this isn't dead. Yet.
I suggest you read chapters 1-8 before reading this. Enjoy~!
Chapter 9~ I am not leaving this route till I find a freaking Ralts!

I started walking around. Alright, not walking, I was running. I then spotted a female trainer, and if she didn't look at me, and I actually snuck past her, would be Petalburg city.

But then it hit me.


I told myself at the beginning of this adventure that I'd find a Ralts, because it was necessary for survival because of teleporting. And who doesn't want a Gardy~ Gardevoir?

I've never nicknamed a Gardevoir, nor do I have any nicknames that actually fit a gardevoir. I mean the name's so amazing, why would you nickname it in the first place?

I jolted out of my thoughts.The sweet sound of shuffling feet was coming towards me. I saw a trainer girl or lass, and she was heading twards me. I ran for my life, and found safety in a bush.

This bush had berries or something of the sort, but I'm not going to pick them. Maybe there poisonous? Maybe that was the reason why Gary's Raticate died.

So I couldn't take a chance in what seemed like reality. After about 5 minutes, I couldn't hear any more shuffling, so the coast was finally clear. Well, I could take a chance. So, I slowly tried to get out of the bush. My foot got stuck in a branch, and I couldn't get out. I scanned the area for any wild Pokemon, that would like a nice, juicy human for a snack.

And guess what I saw right in front of me. I saw nothing in sight besides something that looked like it wore a white dress. It had what looked like green hair, and I hoped, it was female.

I grabbed the thing as hard as I could, and the little ralts didn't like it. It growled at me, and I remembered, that it's the only move a Ralts should know by now. THE ONLY MOVE A RALTS SHOULD KNOW.

The next moment, this thing used teleport and vanished. "Crap, that little bastard..." After about another 5 minutes, I finally got out of that branch trap and started walking around the same wild patch, with that lady out of sight. I took Poochy out of his Poke ball, and asked him to sniff out any Ralts nearby. I just hoped that nod, wasn't a false lie, and his nose wasn't clogged or anything like that. So now I was a bounty hunter, and Poochy was the little bulldog that can sniff everything out.

We were totally going to find this Ralts.

5 hours silently passed, fighting wild Zigzagzoon's was getting boring now, and Poochy was going to faint sooner or later. I ran out of potions, and we were too close to finding a damn Ralts, to give up now. We were now in the same area where I saw the Ralts before, and I had to guess what level Poochy was, he was about level 13 ish.

And then it came back. That little bastard just teleported right where I left him so, it was perfect for me. Iyelled at Poochy. "If you make it teleport one more time, I'm disowning you."

Poochy barked and ran for his life, making sure that he wasn't disowned a second time. I hope, that thing knew I was joking. Well anyway it bit the ralts, which I should it not to do. I threw a pokeball at it, and with each passing milla-second I could hear the pounding of my heart.

Is it going to shake 3 times?

The ball shook once.

Will I catch it?

The ball shook faster this time. Two.

I can't do another 5 hours again...

The ball hesitated for a moment, but shook another time.

Crap, is it going to break free?

I've never legitly caught a pokemon, I mean Poocheyana was given to me by a random dude, and Treecko's really my starter. Sooo~ Will the ball turn black~?

BOOM. The ball turned black, as Azure looked at it with joy.

"AWWWW YEAAAAAA~! I caught a Ralts~!"

I didn't want to take it out because I show it off to Wally, who would catch that in like 3 seconds flat. But still, I got a Ralts first~!

I walked west, and left the route to Petalburg city, and felt accomplished.
  1. AzureEdge
    Gimme some time for one of my Pokemon to level up a bit.
    It's takes a lot of time , writing chapters like these.
    Oct 10, 2014
  2. Adrian2AMBoss
    Azure, Just catch Pokemon, Any of them because Really, I just moved to Kalos. I Only Have Lucario like What. So, I should have a Proper Team.
    Oct 10, 2014
  3. TrashAI
    Hereheheheheheheheh >=3 Gallade, Azumarril, Flygon(shiny), Gengar, kingdra, and rampardos
    Oct 10, 2014
    AzureEdge likes this.
  4. AzureEdge
    @Omster588 , I guess I'll include you too in later chapters then.
    Just give me your team.
    Oct 10, 2014
  5. AzureEdge
    @Omster588 , I'm not going to say anymore about a birdie.
    But I will say I do get a birdie~!
    And yes, it's Treeko, Poocheyana and Ralts (I just nicknamed Treeko and Poocheyana.)
    Oct 10, 2014
  6. TrashAI
    I would be in it, but i'll wait for your team. (Btw so it's treeko poochyena and ralts? u need da regional birdie) jk about dat
    Oct 10, 2014
  7. AzureEdge
    I don't even have a team yet!
    Wait till I actually get a proper team, and then we can talk about battling.
    You will be mentioned in later chapters, but not now.
    Oct 10, 2014
    Adrian2AMBoss likes this.
  8. Adrian2AMBoss
    Umm.......... Didn't you say you was gonna put me in this? Cuz of Survival of the Fittest?
    Oct 10, 2014