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The Johto Escape: Chapter 8: Where to go?

by Drider

Drider As Thomas and his team search for a safe haven, they realise it's not gonna be too easy... #summercamp15
As I made way through the Ice Path, the intimidating figure of Giovanni running towards kept haunting me, and I jumped at every sound.

I had decided to keep Banjo, Goku, Jasmine, Ledger and Ricki in their Pokéballs, as I couldn't look out for five other beings as well as myself. The thought of being caught by Team Rocket keep me going though, even though I was in dire need of food.

I saw a couple of Swi
nub shuffle past me, and I wondered how they would taste.

Throwing that sick thought from my mind, I trampled on slowly, slipping on any piece of ice I came into contact with.

After a few hours, I couldn't keep going. Sitting down near a large rock, I groaned loudly, trying to bypass the sick feeling going through me.

I closed my eyes for a few moments, and when I opened them, I noticed about three to four Swinub gathered around me.

"Hey little guys," I chuckled weakly, and pulled my Pokédex from my pocket for the sake of it.

Swinub, the Pig Pokémon, said my Pokédex, It rubs its snout on the ground to find food. If it smells something enticing, it dashes headlong off to find the source of the aroma.

"Just my luck," I said, sitting up slightly on my rock, "hey little buddies, do you reckon you could dig up some food for me? A bit extra for my Pokémon too if possible."

"Swinub," the Pokémon chorused, and true to the Pokédex, they scampered off with their noses to the ground. Chuckling at the sight, I lay down and had a bit of a nap while I waited.

* * *

"Swin! Swinub!" I opened my eyes.

It was about an hour since I started my nap, and sitting up, I saw a massive pile of berries and mushrooms.

"Wow," I said, biting into a mushroom, "thank you guys! How can I repay you?"

They didn't respond, they just took a large mushroom each and scampered off into the cave. I sighed, as I would've liked to catch one. But no matter.

"Alrighty guys," I said, opening my Pokéballs, "some kind Swinub got us some food, so tuck in! Oh Goku," I grabbed the hungry Totodile before he dove head first into the food pile, "save some for everyone, okay?"

Though he grumbled, I was impressed at the way he had one berry or mushroom at a time, the same as everyone else. The food seemed to strengthen little Ricki, and she along with Goku gradually ate faster and faster.

I thankfully managed to snag about a quarter of the food before Goku and Ricki ate my portion. When it was all gone, I made sure everyone had had enough. Fortunately, everyone had (except Goku, but he was always hungry) so summoning them back into their Pokéballs, I carried on down the Ice Path, feeling refreshed.

* * *​

"Ah, sunlight," I beamed, finally stepping out into the afternoon sun in Blackthorn City. Looking around at the houses, I saw that there weren't many people around, thank Arceus. Perfect for a quick trip down to Route 45.

Walking softly down the streets, I saw some posters up of Giovanni and two of his Admins, Archer not included. Looking closer, I saw that they were wanted posters, the sick realisation that they were still at large hitting me. At least Archer was in jail, I thought, still not relieved. The Admin on the poster was named Proton, and he looked like a nasty piece of work. The other admin was... was...

I stopped dead in my tracks for a moment, then fled down though Blackthorn City to get to Route 45 before anyone spotted me.

I was the other wanted Team Rocket member.

Finally reaching the route, I didn't stop running. I wanted to get as far away as possible from civilisation. My life depended on it.

Hearing a couple of voices up ahead, I quickly ducked behind a bush as they moved closer. Holding my breath, I realised it was just a couple of hikers.

Taking this time to think about where I should go, I racked my brain for a region that didn't have an Extradition Treaty with Johto. An Extradition Treaty states that if a region catches a criminal from another region in their country, they send them back to their original region to serve their time.

If what little things I learnt in School was correct, then every country had a Extradition Treaty with Johto.

All except for Hoenn.

After the hikers passed by and were out of sight, I continued on my way, pondering about how I could get to Hoenn without anyone noticing.

I couldn't go by plane, there were no no known airports in Hoenn, or Johto for that matter.

The only option was by boat, but how could I come by one?

I knew my father had one, he keeps it in the Olivine City port. My only option was to steal it, and that would be risky. Or...

I looked down at the Pokéball on my belt containing Goku, and wondered how big he'd have to be to learn Surf...
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    You're story is very good. Keep it up!
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