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Pokemon Gust: Chapter 7, Weedwilderness City?

by Sylvious

Ash: Welcome to Weedwilderness City!"
Adam: These names are VERY creative...."
Ash: Yeah i know we need to go see my friend Wally!"
Ash And Adam Run To The Weedwilderness Gym.
Wally: Hey Ash! Im the first gym leader of Roenn! Ive catched a Zigzagoon! It is the best of all Zigzagoon's. And I have Gallade! Mega Gallade! But, i don't think you can beat me with my level 100 mega Gallade. So, we will have a rematch someday to get the badge. But lets have a battle!"
Ash: O-"
Adam: Okay! Go... Zigzagoon!"
Wally: Okay! A Zigzagoon on Zigzagoon battle! Go Zigzagoon!"
Adam: Tackle!"
Wally: Use Tackle!!"
Adam: Tackle!"
Wally: Tackle!"
Adam: Tackle!"
Wally: Tackle!"
Adam: Tackle!"
Wally: Tackle!"
Adam: Tackle!"
Wally: Come back Zigzagoon! Ugh.. I don't want my Zigzagoon to win. I just want it to have fun battling. I cant take it anymore. Come back Zigzagoon! Yes, i almost had it. One more tackle. But I'm done. Cya."
Wally Disappears.
Ash: I want to battle!!!"
Ash does a :x: Face.
Ash: Sigh....."
Adam: Lets heal our pokemon."
Adam And Ash Go Inside The Pokemon Center.
Nurse Joy: Heres your pokemon!"
Adam: Okay! What are you waiting for? Lets go!"