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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions 2 The Johto World!: Chapter 7, Proton!

by Sylvious

Jason: Hey Ace! I've been thinking... Should I catch a Slowpoke or not?" Ace: It's up to you. But for me no. OH HEY ITS PROTON!" Proton: Hey Slowpoke! I want to battle you!" Ace: Proton! I challenge you to a battle!" Proton: A Battle I always accept battles. As you wish. Go Zubat And Koffing! Use Supersonic And Smog! Heh." Ace And Jason: Go Wooper! Use Water Gun! Go Steelix! Use Rock Throw!" Proton: How did you defeat me so easily? Whatever. Go back to what you were doing. Im catching this Slowpoke." Ace And Jason go out of Slowpoke Well. And when they go out. Ace's Wooper evolves into Quagsire! So Ace And Jason are ready to take on Bugsy...
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  1. Sylvious
    Yeah, i know my Chapters are getting short :(
    Jul 27, 2015