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The Journal of Augustus Price: Chapter 6

by Lukenblaz

When I wake up it I still had some time before dawn. I checked all my weapons and gear. When I went to the banquet hall to grab some breakfast I had to step over several people passed out on the ground. Surprisingly the mess was fairly small for the amount of people that were present. I grab some eggs and bacon then sit down at one of the large tables. After I finished my meal I left the banquet hall to wait outside the door. While I waited for Stephen I watched the sun rise over the horizon. A few moments after the sun rose in east the door opened behind me.

“Hey August. Ready to head out?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be. Where are we going first?”

“We’ll be going out into the forest. West specifically.” He looked back at the mansion and headed away from the sun. I follow him into the forest. We walk for a few miles and reach a large cliff face. Stephen stops and begins to look around on the wall in front of us for something. After a few moments he presses a button and part of the cliff slides down to reveal a passage. Stephen walks inside and I continue following. Eventually we reach a large room that looks to be a command center. Several pieces of paper are strewn everywhere and some of the tables are flipped on their sides. Two other doors sat opposite from each other on the sides of the room.

“This is the base I helped raid a few days ago. Max sent us back here see if there was anything else hidden here. This room has been searched floor to ceiling so we only have to worry about the other two rooms. I’ll take the one on the left and you can look in the room on the right. Holler if you find anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.”

He walked to the other room and entered. I did the same with my room. Inside the room was a large desk along with several bookshelves. I begin my search with the books. It was a long process. I would pull on the books to check if it was a lever then leaf through the pages for anything special. It took around 30 minutes for the first row. I continued with the other rows. Some of the books were actually fairly interesting so I put them in my bag to read later. After a few hours I finished looking through all of the shelves so I moved onto the desk. I consider just breaking it apart but didn’t want to shatter anything important that may be inside. I start pulling out drawers and looking for false bottoms in each of them. I find a few scattered papers and set those to the side. I was left with the shell of the desk. I start to hit the sides of the desk from the inside to check for any secret buttons. Soon I hear a click and a small panel pops from the front of the desk. I pull on the knob to reveal a small briefcase.

“Stephen I found something.”

“As did I. Bring it out into the middle room.”

I pick up the briefcase and bring it out into the room. Stephen also has a briefcase similar to mine. We open them at the same time. Inside the one I retrieved is a large map with what seems to be the locations of other outposts. Also on this map is the mansion circled in red ink. Inside Stephen’s case is several letters between the other outposts and this one. Stephen takes all of the papers and places them inside on briefcase. He looks around one last final time and heads for the entrance. I follow him out, but just as we leave I swear I hear someone sigh. I ignore and Stephen shuts the door behind us. We walk to another outpost and repeat the same process. After around the fifth one however Stephen stopped me. He looks at the bushes behind us.

“If you going to follow us do a better job.”

“Damn it Stephen how did you even see me.” A voice responds. A young woman stands up. She is wearing a ghillie suit made extremely well. She removes the cowl from her suit and glares at Stephen. She was fairly short but looked extremely confident.

“Augustus meet Dabria. Dabria meet Augustus. She’s been following us for a while now.”

“Hello Augustus.”

“Hello Dabria. Any reason why you are following us?”

“To make sure you don’t get into trouble. Stephen forgot to bring his locator so I was sent to follow you two and return it to hi-.“ Dabria is interrupted as a small device on her belts begins to beep. She glimpses at it and looks up at Stephen.

“Max says you’re good for the day. Also here is your locator.” She tosses a device similar to the one on her belt at Stephen. Then as a group we head back to the mansion. I try to start conversations with Dabria but she responds only with short sentences at most.

When we make it to the mansion night had already fallen. Once we go inside the three of us head to separate floors. Dabria to the second floor, probably to her room, Stephen went up to the third floor to turn in the documents and I head back to my room. Even though the party had ended almost 24 hours ago people were still passed out on the ground. Most of them were in the same place. I catch movement out of the corner of my eye. Inside the banquet hall a small group of people were moving through the people. They seem to be searching through people’s pockets and taking things from them. I make my way towards the banquet hall. I manage to sneak behind them without being spotted.

“What are you doing to these people.” The entire group jumps simultaneously. They turn around and face me.

“Why hello Max, I’m quite upset you didn’t come to my party.”

“I had other things to deal with Reanna. Now I’m glad I didn’t go. These people are just trying to sleep and here you go stealing their money.”

Reanna glares at me then gestures at one of the goons behind her. He lunges towards but I predict it and gracefully dodge out of the way.

“You’ll have to do better than that Reanna. Your lackeys are untrained.” After I finish both of the men behind her charge at me. I punch one in the gut and send him sprawling into the one behind him. Two more people were unconscious in the banquet hall. I look around for Reanna and cannot find her. Both of the men are out cold so I head back to my room. When I open the door I find another person’s stuff in my room but on the other side. I look at the bed opposite mine. It seems that I wasn’t alone in this room anymore. I ignore it however and proceed to jump into my bed and fall asleep

End of Chapter 6