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The Johto Escape: Chapter 4: The Team Rocket Battle

by Drider

Drider In this chapter, Team Rocket finally approaches Thomas Maxfield, and forces him to make a life changing decision... #summercamp15
Banjo, Goku, Jasmine and I were out training in a clearing, and I had to say that it was going pretty well. They seemed to match each other in strength, which was my main goal, and now we were working on perfecting moves.

“Would you be Thomas Maxfield?” I jumped, and turned around. Two men in black clothes were walking over to me.

“Yes,” I said uncertainly, “what can I do for you?”

“Well our boss wants a word with you,” said one of the men, “and we were wondering if you’d like to come with us.”

“Hold on a second,” I said, “who is your boss, and what does he want with me?”

“More then our jobs worth to give that away,” the other man chuckled. Looking at their clothes again, I noticed that their torsos were almost taken up by dark red letter ‘R’s...

I don’t now how I managed to keep calm, for these were clearly members of the infamous Team Rocket. My three Pokémon came over to me, looking suspiciously at the men as well.

“I’m very sorry,” I said shakily, “but I don’t wish to go with you.”

The Rocket Grunts looked at each other.

“Er...” said the one of them, turning to face his partner, “well, I guess we have to battle you. What do you think Karl?”

“Ariana never said what to do in this situation,” muttered Karl, “so I guess we have to fight him.”

“Alright, let’s do that.” They turned around to face me.

“Go Golbat!” “Go Houndour!” The Grunts threw their Pokémon into the clearing.

“Alright Jasmine, you take on that Golbat, and Goku, the Houndour!” I yelled, and it was battle time. This was going to be trickier then usual, controlling two Pokémon at once.

“Golbat, Wing Attack!” “Houndour, Bite!”

The two Team Rocket Pokémon leaped at my two.

“Jasmine, Vice Grip, Goku, Water Gun!” I shouted. As the Golbat swung its wings to slash Jasmine, she managed to dodge and grab the unfortunate Pokémon in her jaws of steel.

Goku unfortunately missed the target with his attack, and had his upper jaw bitten by the Houndour’s attack.

“Use Flail, Goku!” The Totodile managed to shake the Pokémon off his jaw.

“Golbat, Astonish!” Jasmine tried desperately to hold onto Golbat, but was forced to let go when the Golbat emitted a horrible noise that made everyone block their ears.

“Goku! Water Gun!”

“Houndour, Fire Fang!”

Biting Goku on his poor jaw once again, this time with burning teeth, Houndour looked like he was going to win. But Goku let loose a jet of water from his mouth, and it couldn’t have missed if it tried. Houndour was thrown off his jaw at the strength of the water, and was propelled into a nearby tree. That was him done for the battle.

Leaving Karl scowling and summoning Houndour back into its Pokéball, I turned back to Jasmine and Golbat.

“Jasmine, Feint Attack!”

But Jasmine couldn’t do anything, as she was still holding her ears from the Astonish.

“Golbat, Air Cutter!” As I watched on helplessly, Jasmine was propelled backwards into the ground from Golbat’s merciless air attack.

“C’mon, Jasmine, you can do it,” I murmured, crossing my fingers. Thankfully, the Mawile did get up, though looking dazed.

“Golbat, finish it off with a Wing Attack!”

“Goku, Water Gun! Go!”

As the Golbat swooped down to finish off Jasmine, Goku let loose another jet of water. Clipping Golbat’s right wing, it was forced to end its attack and land.

All around us, I noticed about six more Team Rocket Members gather around the clearing to watch the fight. It made me nervous, and I hoped that I wouldn’t have to fight them all.

“Golbat, Poison Fang on that blasted Totodile!”

“Goku, Scary Face!”

Managing to intimidate Golbat into stopping its attack, I shouted out one last attack.

“Get it with a Rage!”

“C’mon Golbat, POISON FANG!”

The Golbat tried to bite Goku, but he was too slow from the Scary Face. Goku managed to smack it with his jaw, sending it reeling back once more. Glowing red with more power, Goku full on body slammed the unfortunate Golbat, sealing a victory for me.

'Yes!' I shouted and punched the air, 'great job gang, we...' 'Teddi!'

I spun around at the sound of Banjo, obviously in distress. The poor thing was caught in a net, not unlike a bug catcher's. The Team Rocket Grunt holding the net was laughing as another Team Rocket member I hadn’t seen yet, an Admin this time, walked over to the Teddiursa and knelt down beside it.

'I'm more then willing to let it go, on one condition,' said the Admin in a soft tone. He pulled out a deadly looking taser and held it close to Banjo, who was shivering. 'I... or rather, we, Team Rocket, require your services.'

'You're asking me to become a Grunt?' I said, sweating all over. Goku and Jasmine looked at each other in fear.

'No no my dear boy,' chuckled the Admin, 'the skills we need from you involve too much brains for that.' A few of the Grunt's Pokémon snarled.

'My computer skills,' I shook.

'Precisely,' said the Admin, standing up, 'and our new leader has concocted a genius plan on how to use you.'

I was silent for a moment.

'Well?' said the Admin impatiently.

'I will work under a couple of conditions,' I said, realising the massive impact my decision will make on my future.

'Fire away,' said the Admin, raising an eyebrow.

'First and foremost, I would like to keep my current Pokémon as my team,' I said, slowly walking towards the Admin. Goku and Jasmine sighed with relief. They weren't keen on joining Team Rocket, but if they were with me then they knew they wouldn't be treated badly.

'Easily granted,' nodded the Admin, 'all members are usually given a Koffing or Houndour or something like that, but I think we can make an exception in your case.'

'Glad to hear it,' I said, standing almost toe to toe with the Admin, 'there is one more thing too...'

'Kindly state it,' said the Admin, who seemed to be slightly impressed by my attempt at intimidation. Slightly.

'I don't wish for any Pokémon to be harmed in my presence,' I said boldly. The Admin laughed.

'Your first request is all fine and well,' he smirked, 'but now you're being a bit too needy. In case you've forgotten, we have the upper hand.' He pointed back to Banjo, who was trying to bite through the tough rope on the net.

'With a snap of my fingers, you could be one Pokémon short,' the Admin raised his hand. I grimaced and backed off.

'So I would suggest keeping us on our good side. We don't like being told what to do. No one has ever done so without consequences.'

'Save a few ten year olds from what I've heard,' I said in a cocky tone, 'I hear Red's Pokémon are still alive and kicking.'

I just couldn't resist, could I?

The Admin merely looked at me, and just as I was thinking that I was off the hook, a sharp pain went across my right cheek as the Admin backhanded me and felled me to the ground. Despite the pain, I leapt up, looking for a fight as was Goku and Jasmine, who leapt to my side. But the Admin was back beside poor Banjo with the taser as the Grunts scowled and snapped their knuckles menacingly.

'Remember Maxfield, we always will have the upper hand.' The Admin flipped the net around so that Banjo could be carried around in it.

'Here is the exact location and time you will come to headquarters for briefing,' said the Admin, handing me a card, 'if we don't see you then, or sooner, and if you let anyone know about this meeting, this Teddiursa may have his head mounted on my wall.' I looked over at Banjo, who was still shaking with fear.

'You're taking Banjo with you?' I growled, 'I... I...' I let out a sigh. It was hopeless.

'I don't have a choice do I?' I looked at the ground. I felt Jasmine pat my leg in an attempt to comfort me.

'No,' agreed the Admin, and motioned the grunts, 'you really don't.'

With that, the small group of Team Rocket fiends walked away, with Banjo in their midst.

When they were gone, I plonked myself down onto the ground, as did my remaining Pokémon.

'Well guys,' I said, trying to lighten the mood, 'do think a Team Rocket outfit will clash with my hair too much?'

Goku shook his head and Jasmine laughed.

'We'll just have to see,' I smiled half heartedly, 'who knows, maybe my job will be fun in a way.' The two Pokémon shrugged.

'I wonder what they could possibly need my computer skills for though?' I wondered out loud, looking at the card the Admin had given me, 'I guess we'll just have to wait until the 13th of September to find out.'