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Pokemon Gust: Chapter 3, Route 101!

by Sylvious

Sylvious Adam finds a Zigzagoon! He Prepares To Catch It!
Adam: Oh look! A Zigzagoon! Go Pidgey! Use Tackle!"
Zigzagoon: Zigzag!"
The Zigzagoon Runs Away.
Adam: Ugh...."
Ash: Yes, those pokemon are fast. To faint that Zigzagoon. You need to outrun it, or do enough damage to it that it can't run away."
Adam: Oh, well I can catch it next time! I was just worming up."
Ash does a :( face.
Ash: Okay, if you say so."
Adam Goes East To Another Patch Of Grass.
Adam: A Wurmple! This should be a slow pokemon! Go Pidgey! Use Sand-Attack!"
Wurmple: Wurm....Ple....."
Adam: Yes! Pidgey! Use Tackle to finish it!"
Wurmple: Ple......."
The Wurmple Fainted.
Adam: Yes! The Wurmple Fainted!"
Ash Does A :) Face.
Adam And Ash Go North, Through A Patch Of Grass, And Get Out Of Route 101.