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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 3, Brock!! Brock's Dad...

by Sylvious

So. Ace enters these cruel lands and enters the pain, of a maze. Fighting the worst of trainers. And weedle extermination has opened in viridian city. srsly. SRSLY... But who really cares cause charizard will wreck these bug types and bug trainers. Its the best grinding you'll ever get. After SUCH A PAIN.... Ace gets to pewter city. God. 3 chapters to get to pewter city? Thats almost ashes indigo league time. 4 episodes to get to pewter city..... Probably because of samurai. Ace: So.... Brock supposed to be here? Lets go to the Pewter gym." But instead of Brock. Its Brocks dad. Why? Watch the end of episode 4 of the first season of indigo league anime. If not. Your doomed... Now. Whats His dads team? IDK. But lets find out. A Guy: Please. Call me A Guy. So.... Go Geodude And Onix! Use tackle guys!!!" Ace: Okay... Go Charizard And Pidgeotto! **oh yeah. Aces pidgey evolved.** Use tackle Charizard! Use wing attack pidgeotto!" A Guy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Use tackle. Just do it all the time. Beat these losers." Ace: YOU CALL ME A LOSER!? USE TACKLE CHARIZARD! USE WING ATTACK PIDGEOTTO!" A Guy: Ha! Tackle guys! Hahaha. Your pokemon are weak. You better watch out unless you wanna. forfeit the challenge..." Ace: DONT SAY THAT! CHARIZARD AND PIDGEOTTO! FINISH THEM OFF!!!!" A Guy: Nah. TACKLE! Ha. Your pokemon fainted. Now get out of MY GYM!! Now!" Ace: ..... Bye idiot." So Ace comes out of the gym crying and grinds to death. LVL 20 CHARIZARD AND PIDGEOTTOOOO! So.. Ace goes and rematches the idiot of the century.. A GUY..... A Guy: Your going to challenge me again?! Prepare to lose!!!! Go Geodude And Onix! Use Tackle guys!" Ace: Nah! Use Flamethrower And Wing Attack Guys. YOU. Prepare to lose." A Guy: Nah. YOUU! TACKLE ATTACK!!!!" Ace: Flamethrower And Wing Attack Attack. **YEAH LOL** Bye!" A Guy: H-O-W-? Whatever. Take the Boulder Badge Already....." Ace comes out of the gym victorious! So happy of himself. So.. What adventures lie ahead?!
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  1. Sylvious
    A Guy Is An Idiot!
    Jul 25, 2015