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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 20, ARTICUNO!!!!!!? FOSSIL POKEMON. AND MORE!

by Sylvious

Sylvious The longest chapter ever because i was going to go to sleep and I didn't want to go to sleep well the page is still open.
Memories. Ace goes back to Pallet town and teaches surf to Lapras. Ace goes through that fast. (Ace is lazy so he didn't go the other way to get some grinding in) Then Ace gets to Seafoam Islands. Ace goes inside a cave. Beating lots of trainers and going through floors. Using strength on charizard, and finding...... ARTICUNO! Ace makes Articuno super weak and then... SPAMS POKEBALLS FOR LIFE! And eventually. Ace captures Articuno! Even Ace not using any other pokemon. Why not capture cool pokemon? So. Ace goes out of the cave, then goes west fighting tons of trainers. Ace comes inside somewhere and a scientist took Aces fossils and Ace got... Aerodactyl And Kabuto. Then Ace went inside the Pokemon Mansion. Beating like 999999 trainers. Then... Fights... GIOVANNI!? Giovanni: After Blaine Lost. I took his place. Now lets battle!" Jason: Hey Ace again. Your challenging the gym leader too? Okay, lets double battle against Giovanni!" Giovanni: Go Growlithe And Ponyta! Use Fire Blast both of you! Ace And Jason: Go Lapras! Use Surf! Go Blastoise! MEGA EVOLUTION! Mega Blastoise Use Hydro Cannon!" Giovanni: Come Back Growlithe And Ponyta! Go Rapidash And Arcanine! Use Fire Blast Both Of You again!" Ace And Jason: Lapras Use Surf! Mega Blastoise Use Hydro Cannon!" Giovanni: Come back Rapidash And Arcanine! Ugh.. Im gone forever. Bye. I will never see you again.. Why I Vanished..... Because.... Team Rocket Vanished....." Giovanni Vanishes, never seen again. Jason: We Got The Volcano Badge! Yes Ace! We Did It!" Now Ace And Jason Have the Volcano Badge. So close to the end of their journey...
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  1. Sylvious
    Jul 26, 2015