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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 2: Old Friends and New Rivals

by MegaloX

MegaloX Blake catches up with an old friend before starting his adventure. The boys find themselves in trouble when they are attacked.
Blake approached his best friend from trainer school with a smile hoping that the boy would remember him as well. The blonde haired boy stared at Blake in confusion. "Um hey, how do you know my name?" he asked, utterly confused. Blake sighed, "Oh, never mind. Sorry for bothering you." he said dejectedly as he walked away from the boy he thought was his best friend. Just as he began to walk away he felt a hand on his shoulder. Blake twirled around only to see that it was Cody standing right behind him. "I'm just kidding you knuckle head. Of course I remember you Blake." he said with a smile.

Blake began laughing, "Boy is that a relief, for a second there I was beginning to think you forgot about me." he said lightly. "Are you kidding? How could I forget my best friend?" Cody asked. Blake's father approached him and smiled, "Nice to see you again Cody. Blake I'm going to go with your mother and have a look around for some old friends so you two stay together and try to stay out of trouble." he explained before walking off. "Okay dad." Blake said while waving. "Bye Mr. Star." Cody said, also waving.

The two boys explored Twinleaf Town together looking at all the Pokemon that people had. "Oh that one looks cool." Cody said, pointing to a Staraptor. Blake gasped, "And look at that one." he exclaimed, pointing at an Elekid. The soon to be trainers continued walking around all the while, Blake was holding his egg. Cody began to poke it lightly, "So do you know what's inside?" he asked. Blake shrugged, "Not a clue, but my dad said it was special and he's a famous breeder so it must be pretty amazing." he said happily.

Just then, Cody spotted something out towards his left. It was a forest with a sign on it. "Hey Blake, wanna see what's over there?" he asked curiously. "I don't know if we should be going over there Cody." Blake stated cautiously. "Don't worry it'll be fine. I have this." Cody said with a smile as he pulled out a Pokeball. Blake's eyes sparkled, "Oh wow you're a trainer now?" he asked in pure shock. "You bet. I picked it up from the professor this morning. So come on let's go." Cody prompted once more. After seeing no more reasons to not enter the forest with his friend, Blake followed Cody into the forest.

The boys were getting deeper and deeper into the forest and showed no signs of stopping. They looked around at all the scenery and all the cool Pokemon. They were too enticed with the location that they didn't notice the two older trainers sneaking up on them. By the time they realized it, they were already too late. "Hey you kids." one guy asked. The boys whirled around to find two older Pokemon trainers with probably much better Pokemon than them, standing before them. "What do you want with us?" Cody asked, stepping back. "Oh nothing much. We figured you guys would be pretty much useless to us since you don't have any Pokemon but, your friend has an egg and we want it." he said. Blake placed the egg behind his back, "No dice! This egg was a gift from my father and you aren't taking it from me!" he shouted. The fist boy began to laugh, "I'm Garret and he's Jake. I suggest that we battle for it. If I win I get the egg and if you win then we leave you alone. Deal?" he asked. Cody stepped forward, "Oh you're on!" he shouted, bringing out his Pokeball.

Garret stepped forward and tossed out a Pokeball, "Go Hitmonchan I choose you!" The Pokemon shot from the ball in a burst of white light and stood over the two boys. Cody growled and threw out his Pokemon. "Chimchar let's show this guy who's boss!" he yelled, releasing the fire monkey Pokemon. Jake and Garret looked at each other and burst into laughter. "You have a Chimchar and you say you can beat me!?" he asked, laughing. Cody and Blake began to be intimidated by their opponents and began to back up. Garret noticed and smirked crookedly, "Hitmonchan, flatten that weakling with Mach Punch!" he yelled. With amazing speed the Pokemon instantly closed the gap between him and Chimchar and delivered a powerful punch to it's gut sending it flying into a tree. Chimchar hit the tree and fell to the ground. The monkey struggled to get up and Cody was paralyzed with fear. He was too scared to make a move. "One more Mach Punch!" Garret shouted as the two boys watched the boxer-like Pokemon jump over them and aim another devastating punch right at Chimchar. "No Chimchar!" Cody shouted.
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