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The Johto Escape: Chapter 16: Getting Ledger back - Part 1

by Drider

Drider As Thomas and his Pokémon make their way down Route 103, they come across a man who might be able to help them get Ledger back...
It was getting really dark as we made our way across Route 103, and Banjo, Goku and myself were loving the fact that we could explore Routes freely again. Jasmine and Ricki didn't really experience too much journeying with me, so they didn't feel the nostalgia like Banjo, Goku and I. They loved not being in Team Rocket territory though.

Once Jeremy gets away from that tree, Team Rocket could very well come closer to finding us, I thought worriedly, but I'll start worrying about that if they actually do.

As we followed a path down the quiet Route, we were soon stopped in our tracks, as a river appeared to block our way.

"Well how do you like that?" I said, bemused, "no one even had the courtesy to put a little bridge up for us! But no matter, you can get us across, can't you Goku?"

He nodded.

"Excellent," I said, clapping my hands together, "so we'll do that tomorrow. It' a bit late now, so let's set up camp for the night."

Grabbing my tent out of my backpack, Goku helped me set it up while Banjo and Jasmine went and got wood for a fire, and Ricki gathered all my food from my backpack. Ever since we lived on berries while we were hiding in Johto, I couldn't even look at them anymore, so luckily we had access to other foods, such as Poffins and rice balls from the mart.

"Thanks guys," I said to the Ursaring and the Mawile when they came back with the wood, "and now..."

Pulling a lighter from my backpack for the first time in a few months, I pressed the button. Nothing happened.

Inspecting the lighter closer, I concluded that is was waterlogged from our swim over to the mainland.

"Wel, no fire for us tonight," I sighed, "unless..."

Searching my backpack, I found a TM I had gotten ages ago and forgotten about.

"Alright guys," I said, pulling out TM Flamethrower, "if you wouldn't mind hopping into your Pokéballs for a second." My team complied, and starting with Banjo, I went around to each ball checking my Pokémon's compatibility. No one could.

Sighing, I let them all out.

"Sorry everyone," I said, putting disc back into my backpack, "looks like they'll be no fire tonight. But hey, we've got some food other than berries!"

With a halfhearted cheer, my Pokémon got stuck into the Poffins. Pretty soon, they were all gone and I was left with the rice balls, which no one seemed to want.

Saying goodnight, I went into my tent to sleep as my Pokémon went back into their Pokéballs in my backpack.

* * *

The next day looked fairly gloomy, as the grey clouds covered up the sun. Hoping that it wouldn't rain, my team helped me pack up everything.

"Alrighty Goku," I said as we came up to the river, "let's do this."

Before I jumped onto his back, Banjo, Jasmine and Ricki all went back into their Pokéballs. With that, we made it across the river to the next part of Route 103.

After releasing the rest of my team, we continued down the Route.

After walking for a bit, we came across a man who could only be described as a punk. He had blue skinny jeans covered with noughts and crosses, he had a black leather jacket covered in spikes and his hair was spiky and blue. He also had glasses.

"Yo," he greeted me, "do you know who I can get to Slateport City? I've just come over from Kalos, and I've kind of lost my way already."

"Slateport City's just along this Route, you'll see it at the end," I said, pointing behind me.

"Cheers dude," he said, extending his hand, "name's Cassius."

"Thomas," I told him, shaking his hand, "and it's nice to meet you."

Cassius just nodded. It was clear that he wanted to get a move on, but he also wanted to stay and chat.

"So, uh..." he said, scratching the side of his head, "where do you come from?"

"I've just come in from Johto," I said, and feeling I could trust him, I continued; "I ran into a bit of trouble involving computers."

"Oh yeah, sweet," he said, "you know, I take care of the PC system in Kalos, I know a bit about computers. So what's your story dude?"

I sighed, and continued to tell him about how I was blackmailed by Giovanni and blah blah blah, you've heard it before. The story actually took a while, so Cassius and I sat down on the grass while I continued. So did my Pokémon.

"It's a pity you got mixed up with the wrong crowd," said Cassius once I had finished, "but hey! It seems like you've got skills." There was an awkward pause.

"Hey, you said you had a Gastly," he said, looking at my team and frowning, "where is he? In his ball?"

"Oh, no," I said sadly, "shortly before I was taken to the hospital, Ledger went missing. I didn't have a chance to find him before we left for Hoenn."

"Well you know," said Cassius, standing up, "I don't know if it's the same in Johto, but I'm pretty sure that if the police find a trainer's Pokémon, and they can't find the trainer, then they store them in the PC." He tilted his head to look at me.

"Maybe you can put your hacking skills to good use, and get him back." He started to head off towards Slateport City.

"By the way," he called back, "the next town's not too far away. Nice to meet ya Thomas!" And with that, he was gone down the path.

"Well guys," I said, feeling excited, "d'you reckon we can get Ledger back?"

"Feral!" "Ursa!" "Lux!" "Wile!" they called out simultaneously, nodding their heads.

"Then let's go to the next town and hope that there are no Rocket Grunts there yet!" I said, standing up, "who's up for another race?"
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