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The Johto Escape: Chapter 14: Dewford Town

by Drider

Drider Thomas and his Pokémon have made it to their first town of Hoenn, Dewford Town. Although feeling safe, there may still be danger for them...
"Well everyone," I said, raising my hands to the heavens, "we've officially arrived in Hoenn!"

We had finally arrived on the mainland of Hoenn, and it was pretty beautiful and more vibrant than Johto, at least colour-wise.

When we arrived on shore, I noticed some small pink Pokémon watching us until we got closer, when they ran away into the spacious looking jungle behind them. I'm definitely gonna try and catch a Pokémon I haven't seen before while I'm here, I thought, rubbing my hands together, but first...

"So, what do you guys wanna do while we're here?" I asked my Pokémon, "do you wanna go through all the Hoenn gyms and start a new journey?" They seemed pretty enthusiastic about that.

"Let's go find a town then, and have a look around," I said, and so I walked off into the jungle, my team following me closely.

After about fifteen minutes of walking, we came across a small town on the beach.

"Ah, it'll be so nice to walk into a town without fear of being recognised," I smiled, although hoping hard that the people of Hoenn didn't know that it was I who was behind the Pokémon PC thefts.

"Alright guys, if it's okay with you, it might be better for you to go back into your Pokéballs while I check this place out," I said. Reluctantly agreeing, they did just that.

So more confidently than I felt, I stepped out of the jungle and into the sort of busy town.

Acting casual, I walked around the town. Thankfully, no one bothered with me, the only responses I got was an occasional smile or 'Morning.' Feeling somewhat happier, I kept walking until I found a sign telling me the name of the town I was in.

Dewford Town, the sign read, "a tiny island in the blue sea".

So we have yet to reach the mainland, I thought, chuckling out loud, ah well, at least we’ll have somewhere to sleep for tonight.

Having a look around the beach, I saw a small port with boats coming in. I decided to go over near the port and watch them. Growing up in Olivine City, i had always been fascinated by boats.

Standing next to an older man and a small flying type Pokémon, I watched as a sailor on the boat threw a rope off the ship to another man who dropped it. Luckily, his Mightyena managed to catch it with its teeth, so the man still was able to tie it to a post while a ramp came down from the boat.

"Excuse me," I asked the man beside me, "do you know where this boat came from?"

"Sure do lad," said the man, taking his eyes off the passengers walking off the boat, "this one's just arrived from the Kanto region."

"Oh cool, I come from around there," I said cheerfully.

"You sure didn't look like you came from Hoenn," said the man, extending his right hand, "you can call me Mr. Briney."

"Thomas," I said, shaking his hand. I decided that it was better to keep my last name safe until further notice.

"Nice to meet you Thomas," said Mr. Briney. Before I could continue the conversation, a sailor cam over to Mr. Briney and led him away towards the ship.

Deciding that there was nothing else to do here, I walked away from the beach towards the Pokémon cen...

"...every town in Hoenn. Surely Maxfield can't be in this stupid little town."

Breathing hard, I continued walking towards the Pokémon, acting as if I didn't hear anything. Maybe they were talking about a different Maxfield? I hoped, slowing down to try and hear the rest of the conversation...

"Just our luck, hey?" said another voice, "it looks like there's nothing to do here!"

"I hate it," said the first voice, "I really wanted to stay in Kanto."

"Same here," sighed the other voice," ah well, let's just go to the bloody Pokémon centre and contact Big G."

As I heard footsteps gradually growing louder behind me, I made a left turn, thinking better of going to the centre. Making another left turn, I hid behind a house, and sneaked a peek at the two men.

They weren't wearing Team Rocket apparel, just plain black clothes and caps. Just add a Team Rocket 'R', and you have yourself a perfect Grunt.

So let's break this down, I thought anxiously as the Grunts walked into the centre, Giovanni must've managed to gather more Grunts with the help of that other admin that escaped, somewhere in Kanto by the sounds of it. So he wants me back for some reason, and I don't want to know why.

"Maybe I'll see my old pals somewhere in Hoenn," I thought out loud, going back towards the jungle, "hopefully they won't have turned on me."

* * *​

"So that's pretty much it," I said, finishing off my explanation to my Pokémon as to why we weren't sitting in the comfort of the Pokémon centre, "we can't go into the Pokémon centres without fear of being caught by the Grunts."

Goku and Banjo growled, and Jasmine cracked her knuckles menacingly.

It was getting pretty late by now, and I had decided to stay away from Pokémon centres altogether, and we were back in the midst of the jungle to rest for the night.

"Oh don't worry, you guys will definitely give them a run for their money," I chuckled, "I'm not worried. I just don't want to give away our location."

With that, I said goodnight as I climbed into my tent, while my team climbed back into their respective Pokéballs to sleep.

* * *​

The next day, I woke up with one goal in my head; get onto the mainland.

So packing up everything, I decided to go to the Pokémart to buy a map of Hoenn for navigation.

Stepping back into Dewford Town, I looked around for a Pokémart. There was none to be seen.

So after another quick scan of the town, I decided to ask someone.

"Pokémart?" said a biker who I had stopped, "there's not a single mart in Dewford Town. You'll have to take a boat or something to Slateport City."

Thanking him, I decided to just head to the mainland on Goku without any idea of where I would end up.

Any town on the mainland is better than no town on the mainland, I thought, releasing Goku from his Pokéball.

"Okay bud, looks like we have to go on our way without a map," I told him, "you up for another swim?"

He nodded. Hopping on his back, he leapt into the water and we were soon on our way to the mainland.
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