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Wraith Of The Pokemon Champions: Chapter 13, Ace VS Jason In Lavender Town!

by Sylvious

After Defeating Giovanni with Jason. Ace and Jason got the Silph scope. Ace comes out of the abandoned team rocket hideout, Ace goes through Route 13 and finding a Snorlax blocking the way. Ace cuts a tree by the Snorlax and gets to Lavender Town. Where he goes inside the Pokemon Tower. Ace goes to the second floor and finds Jason. Jason: Hey Ace! I heard there are ghosts in this tower and I wanna check it out. If I don't get scared. What about lets have a battle! we never had one before. Go Kadabra! Use Psychic!" Ace: Go Charizard! MEGA EVOLUTION! Mega Charizard use Flamethrower!"
Jason: Psychic!" Ace: Mega Charizard Use Flamethrower!" Jason: Come back Kadabra! Go Persian! Use Bite! Ace: Mega Charizard! Flamethrower!" Jason: Bite Again Persian!"
Ace: Mega Charizard Flamethrower To finish this Persian Off!" Jason: Come back Persian! Go Gengar! Mega Punch!" Ace: MEGA CHARIZARD! DO THE BEST FLAMETHROWER YOU GOT!" Jason: Come back Gengar! My Gengar is weak right now. I didn't level it that much. But guess what?! Go Blastoise! MEGA EVOLUTION! Mega Blastoise Use water gun!" Ace: MEGA CHARIZARD! USE THE BEST TACKLE YOU GOT!" Jason: Water Gun Mega Blastoise!" Ace: Come back Mega Charizard! Go Snorlax! Use Yawn!" Jason: No!! Blastoise is sleeping!" Ace: HA! BODY SLAM!" Jason: Come back Mega Blastoise.... Your a good trainer! You maybe can stand a chance in the Pokemon Champions League! Bye!" So. What other things can happen in Lavender Town? Find out next chapter!
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  1. Kimaka
    Awesome story so far.:);):up:
    Jul 28, 2015
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  2. Sylvious
    Also Hint Hint. Jason Is Always 1 Minute After Ace. So. Right as Ace went to Route 1, Jason got the Blastoise with the Mega Bracelet and Mega Stone. Just like Ace.
    Jul 25, 2015
  3. Sylvious
    THE CREEPIEST THING EVER..... THE MUSIC....................>=O
    Jul 25, 2015