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Full Forms: Chapter 11

by obey_jaidon

obey_jaidon sorry it took long ^.^;
These two were getting on my nerves. If this is how it's going to be between these two, might as well turn into the werewolf and knock some sense into 'em.
"Alright you two, break it up now." and as I expected, they didn't. For some reason, I felt a rush on anger, and unsurprisingly, I turned into the werewolf. I ran after them, trying to break it up, but turns out, I couldn't control my body, and it turned out to be a 3 on 3 fight.
"Great. Look who else joined the kitty fight. We're never gonna get outta here." Ruby complained.
Lily thought, and proposed an idea. "Hey, when Jes saw the feather, she wasn't in 'battle mode'. What if the feather weakens 'em when in beast form, but both when it comes to Jes? Let me get the feather.", and Ruby nodded, getting Jessie's bag she had thrown on the floor, and gave it to her. Lily took out the feather, hoping it'll stop us from fighting. She took it closer to us, me becoming weak first. I started bleeding from my mouth, and breathing heavily. While weak, Blaze scratched across my eye, meaning to hit William with his scaly dragon claw, and left a fresh new scar there. Then William and Blaze felt weak, falling to the ground. Blaze's eye went from the vertical vicious pupil, to the normal round one. His scales slowly went away, getting smaller and smaller from his dragon state. Lily fetched a couple of blankets from her bag, throwing one on Blaze. William's ruff stone skin slowly turned into his normal skin, his horns and claws slowly going into his body. Lily threw a blanket on him as well. They turned back into normal, except for me.
"Put away the feather, it could kill her!" William warned at Lily, and she quickly put the feather back in the bag.
I yelled in pain, and fell to the ground. Lily ran towards me, comforting me with the blanket, covering me with it. The soft blanket soothed me down, making me relax more.
"Are you okay?" Blaze worried.
I then got the blanket from Lily's grip, covering my torso down. A maroon scar went across my eye, permanently.
"Jessie!" Ruby said, grabbing a cloth damped with water, putting it on my eye.
"Oh god....." Blaze whispered.
"Nice going, 'Short tempered'." William nagged.
"Shut up! It was an accident, 'Spoiled brat'." Blaze snapped back.
"I'm okay." I said, pushing Ruby's hand away from my face.
"It's healed?!" Ruby questioned.
"It must've healed while turning back to normal. Look, no more fighting between you two, before anything else happens. Let's get on the road already." I ordered, getting my stuff, changing into my clothes behind the blanket, and going towards the back entrance.
Ruby got up, being followed by Lily holding Steven.
"We done?" William held his hand out to Blaze.
Blaze stared at his hand, and took a deep breathe, pushing his hand away from him.
"I wouldn't count on it." and Blaze changed quickly into his clothes, getting up and heading out, leaving William sitting on the ground.

We traveled for about 3 hours, stopped, and continued. It was ten o'clock when we finally stopped, and we made a fire.
"I don't understand. If you're rich, why can't we sleep in a, I don't know, inn? Instead of camping and sleeping on the cold, hard floor?" Blaze questioned.
"Because. All the hotels are full. Remember the speech thing is coming to town."
"Ugh, I'm so tired. How much longer?" Lily complained.
"Well, we're actually not out of Leeds yet." Ruby informed.
"You've got to be kidding me." Lily commented.
"If we wake up around seven tomorrow, we should get out of here around nine. The earlier the better." I said.
"Welp, I don't know 'bout you, but I'm off to sleep. G'night. Oh, and Jes. Sorry about the scar." Blaze apologized, lying down on a flat sleeping bed.
"Wait a second, Lily give me the shopping list thing." I asked. She handed me the list, from her bag. Then I noticed something.
"Blaze get up, everyone, you might wanna see this."
Blaze got up stubbornly. "This better be good."
"Listen. No. 1, Mist of Lilliac ghost, which is Lily, No. 2, Stone of Vamp, which is William, No.3, Chip of Collar Bone, Steven, No. 4, Ash of Blaze Sky, Blaze, No. 5, Burnt Pieces of Ember, Ruby, and last," I hesitated, "No. 6, Soul of Searial wolf....me."
"A connection. It all makes sense." Ruby started to explain, while everyone was surprised. "Look. The Ol' Hag was the one who wrote this down I bet, so we all turned into this on purpose. She left specifically Lily and Jes, 'cause she knew you two would turn into these things. What if, we collect all these things, give it to the Ol' Hag, and se if she could turn all of us back into our normal selves?"
"Yes! It's true!" Lily said happily.
"There's only one problem." William pointed out.
"What might that be?" Ruby questioned.
"We could get all these things, but look at Jessie's. Her soul."
There was a silence.
"What if we could get all of ours, and when we see the Ol' Hag, we could ask for a different thing for Jessie." Blaze proposed.
"I don't know. But tomorrow, we'll get all these things, and confront her about Jessie's when the time comes. Let's all get some shut eye already. G'night." William said.

I couldn't sleep. But I'm starting to care for these guys, and thinking that if I'll do anything to protect them.~