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The Journal of Augustus Price: Chapter 1

by Lukenblaz

Lukenblaz I'm restarting my old story as I lost interest in the writing of it. This one I actually plan on finishing. It should be more in detail and better written.
A young man is found in a ditch near a highway. The man is unconscious and also has several injuries. A kind tourist notices him and quickly phones the nearest hospital. No one has any idea who he is or how he got there. He carries no identification. The only thing unique about this man is his armband. It has several intricate designs and it cannot be removed. After a few hours in the hospital his injuries heal and his condition improves. A young doctor is given the task of watching over him. This man’s story begins a couple minutes after this doctor has left the room.

A bright light is shining through my eyelids. I hear a steady beeping to my left. When I open my eyes the harsh sun glowing outside the window nearly blinds me. I try to stand up yet I feel a slight resistance from my arm. An IV tube is hooked into my wrist. That’s odd. IV tubes went obsolete years ago… I wheel the system along with me to the window. The cars passing by on the road are of older makes from over 50 years ago. I look down and there are two floors below me. Too far to jump without injury. The door opens behind me but I am lost in my thoughts so I don’t notice.

“I see you’re finally awake.”

The voice behind me makes me jump.

“Did I startle you? I apologize. I’m your doctor. Taylor Elrick. Since you’re awake I need to ask you a few questions.” She politely states.

“Such as?”

‘Well we can start off with what is your name and if you have anyone we can contact.” Taylor replies with a more serious look.

“I can answer the first one for certain, as for the second one I don’t know. I’m Augustus Price.”

“ Alright thank you. I do have another question however. Do you know why you were in a ditch when you were found?”

“Beats me. I don’t even know where we are right now.”

“We’re in Savior Hospital, St Thomas, Canada. We’re surprised you didn’t catch hypother-“ Taylor stops mid-sentence as a watch on her wrist begins beeping.

“I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.”

“Where would I go? It’s not like I’m going out the windows. We’re 3 stories up.”

“Just stay here okay.” She promptly leaves the room and shut the door behind her. I look back out the window. A couple of dark vans pull into the parking lot. Several men in suits step out with stern faces. The door opens behind the doctor returns to the room.

“It looks like you’re free to go. One of my friends has offered you a place to stay that is, if you don’t have a place to sleep for the night. The hospital won’t let you stay here if you are well and you look perfectly fine to me.”

“If I had a place to stay it isn’t in Canada. How far away is this friend from here?”

“Far enough that I will have to drive you. My shift just ended, let’s go.” She undoes the IV from my arm and hands me a bag with my stuff in it. She leaves the room allowing me some privacy. Inside the bag are my clothes and I quickly changed into them. Taylor returns to the room with a worried look.

“Hurry up, we need to leave.” We exit the room and down the hall I hear someone ask about new patients. I look for the source and it’s one of the men from the van. Taylor leads me the opposite direction. We head down two flights of stairs and head out a back exit. She leads me to her car and motions for me to get in. We exit the parking lot and pull into the highway.

We drive for a couple of hours then turn onto a gravel-paved road. Eventually a large building looms over the horizon. As we get closer I am able to make out more details. It is a 3-story mansion that covers a large area of the surrounding land. A tree line around it leads into a forest to the sides and back of the building. The building itself looked to be brick and lights were on in several of the windows. We pull into the entrance and a small sign on one of the trees reads The Refuge. Taylor parks the car and steps out. I get out of the car and follow her into the mansion.

“Who is this friend exactly? And why where you so generous to me?”

“I have a feeling you’ll know them when you meet them. As for the second question… I can’t answer that right now.”

Taylor leads me through the house. Several people look out of their rooms at Taylor and me. We get to the end of the hall and reach a door.

“This will be where you stay. Your room number is 28. Here’s your key. I’ll show you around tomorrow.”

Taylor turns around and heads down the hall. She eventually walks into a room a few doors down. I turn back around to my door and open it. It’s an average sized room with two beds across from each other. The room itself is symmetrical with a desk on each side as well as a nightstand for each bed. I look through the drawers of the nightstand and find a journal and a pencil. I write my name on the front and return it to the nightstand. I look to the desk and find a computer. When I boot it up I change it’s preferences to suit myself. It was an extremely old operating system then what I was used to. I’m glad my father was able to teach me about his operating systems when he was a kid. When I look at the clock on the computer to check the time I froze. It was 40 years behind from the time it should be. I glance at a calendar on the wall. It was the same date.

The realization of this hits me faster than a bullet train. I was in the ditch because I somehow travelled back in time. But the real question was how did I manage that. And why was I so injured?

End of Chapter 1