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Blake Star: Sinnoh Quest: Chapter 1: The Return to Sinnoh

by MegaloX

MegaloX This is the Story of Blake becoming champion of the Sinnoh League
"Blake!...Blake!!!...Blake!!!!" the voice shouted, getting louder each time. At the sound of the third call the young boy jolted to life, falling straight out of his bed. The 10 year old landed face-first onto his floor before quickly standing to his feet standing like a soldier. "Ma'am yes ma'am!" he shouted, still practically half asleep. He then blinked a few times and remembered where he was. The boy exhaled and snapped back to reality. "Oh hey mom, when did you get here?" he asked, obviously oblivious to the previous events.

The boy's mother shook her head in disbelief. "Yup...this is my son on a Saturday morning." she said jokingly. Blake nodded his head before quickly snapping his eyes open wide, "Wait it's Saturday?! That means..." he began. "Yes honey that means it's time to go to Sinnoh." she said, finishing his thought for him. "That's what I'm talking about!" the boy shouted just before dashing into his closet. He came out wearing a pair of black shorts with some black and white converse. He threw on a plain blue T-Shirt and grabbed his father's hat. It was a blue hat with a Pokemon egg on it.

Blake's father, Henry, is a famous breeder who travels throughout the world to many different regions breeding special Pokemon for his clients. He only gave them the best and nothing less; It was practically his slogan. However because of this, Blake was currently in the Hoenn region when all of his friends were back in Sinnoh. Even though he couldn't finish trainer school with them, he was happy that he got to go back to possibly go on an adventure with them. On the other hand, Blake's mother used to be a gym leader back in the Sinnoh region. They used to call her Ruthless Raylee for her proficient use of fighting type Pokemon. She's the one that inspired Blake to become a trainer in the first place.

The young boy rushed down the stairs, sliding down the rail. "What's up dad?" he asked with a smile. Henry was just coming back into the house after loading the family's luggage into the car. "Actually Blake you came down right on time because I have a present for you." he said, reaching into his work bag. Blake walked over to his father and tried peeking inside to see what it was. The boy's father pulled out an egg and handed it to his son. Blake smiled and laughed, "You got me another souvenir egg dad? Thanks a lot!" the boy shouted, holding the egg tightly. Henry cringed, "Ahhh be careful son you're gonna hurt it." he told his son. Blake looked up at his father, "But it's just a piece of plastic." he retorted. Blake's father laughed a bit, "Well you see that's the thing. Today is the day you become a trainer. So this time the egg isn't fake." he explained. Blake's jaw dropped, "So you mean this is my very first Pokemon!?" he shouted. Henry smiled a nodded at his son. "Now let's get a move on cause we don't want to be late." he said, guiding his family out the door.

Everyone got in the car and Blake held his egg tightly as they drove to the airport. About halfway through the trip the boy's phone began buzzing. He quickly took it out and gasped. "It's Maya!"the boy shouted.

Maya is Blake's older sister who is already in the Sinnoh region waiting for her family to arrive. She is 14 years old and a Pokemon Coordinator in the making.

Blake answered the phone and put it up to his ear. "Hey Maya how are things over in Sinnoh?" he asked. "Hi little bro." she responded. "Things are going great. I won my first ribbon yesterday in Flouroma Town." she exclaimed. "What about you? Aren't you supposed to be here today?" she asked. Blake smiled, "Yeah I'm on my way now and guess what? Dad gave me a Pokemon egg so I can hatch it. Knowing him and breeding it's probably super strong." he said happily. Maya laughed a bit, "That's great but you're going to have to put a lot of work into it because it's special." she said. "But anyways it was good talking to you. I'll be around when you get here so come find me but for now cya later." she said before hanging up.

--------------- 4 hours later -------------

Blake got off the plane knees wobbly and everything. He was tired from jet lag and worst of all his egg still hadn't hatched. "Well here we are, Twinleaf Town." he said with excitement. Blake took a quick look around and recognized the first familiar face he'd seen in a while. "Cody!" Blake shouted running towards the blonde boy who was about his age.
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