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The Melancholy of the Demon Lord Sai.: Chapter 1- Sara: The Girl Who Could Not Stop Crying

by AzureEdge

AzureEdge Sai nicknames the young girl, but she won't stop crying! What should Sai and Cecil do?
Chapter 1- Sara: The Girl Who Could Not Stop Crying

Sai walked around his old castle, and looked disgusted about most of the castle while carrying the young girl. It was filled of moss, and dust to the point that he got annoyed. “This place is a dump!”

“Lord Sai, no-one has been in this place for one-hundred years, what did you expect?”

“It should’ve been a bit cleaner, but we’ll clean it up.”

“Lord Sai, allow me to clean it up! Please, don’t get your hands dirty sire.”

“This place won’t get clean for a long time with just one person cleaning it, but I know you’re great at everything Cecil, but I’d like to help you.” He now looked at the sleeping baby with a smile, as he was the new father of this baby.

“Sire, do you want a specific room cleaned up first? Like King Asher’s room?”

“No, I’d like my mother’s room cleaned up first, thanks.” Sai put up a fake smile, the same smile Cecil knew was truly fake.

“I see. I’ll finish it as soon as possible, so you can rest.”

“Alright, But before I dismiss you, I’d like to give this child a name, but I don’t have any name to give her.”

“L-lord Sai, you want me to name her?”

“I just want name suggestions.”

“Don’t you have any names planned for any of your future kids, well once you get a wife?”

“Well, yea, but I want to give her something like a human name.”

“A-a human name?! Oh don’t tell me this vacation we are going to act like humans in a castle, sire.”

Sai sighed. “Nope, it kind of ended like that. Our plan was to originally be here for a couple days, but I didn’t know there was a human town here, and then we got Sara, so we’ll just have to deal with that. No big deal. But anyways, I’d love to give her a name.”

Cecil put his palm on his face, astounded. “So we are going to act like humans.” Cecil sighed. His master was crazy, and he expected as such. “Why not name her after yourself?”

Sai gave a quick chuckle. “What, Sai the second? Although my father gave me somewhat of a human name, I’m pretty sure every human who has that name has changed it, due to fear that I’d come and find them. Anyway, as for name, I’ve been thinking of the name Mana.”

“How about the name Sara?”

“I like that name way better.” Sai looked at the baby, who was magically still asleep, and said softly to it, “Your name is now Sara! Yay! ~”

“Lord Sai, if you’d allow me to start cleaning.”

“Before I dismiss you this time, I’d like you to find a crib for Sara. I believe you can find that somewhere in my mother’s room. Make sure it’s clean, I don’t want any dust on it, or anything that can make her sick!” Sai handed the baby to Cecil.

Cecil carefully took the baby out of his lord’s hands. “Understood sire.”

Sai brought out his wings; after all, no human could see his jet-black wings at this time of night anyway. He flew to the garden, which was overgrown with weeds, and huge forest trees. It was like a forest inside a forest, once you really thought about it. Sai started to create gusty winds, which would destroy the weeds, and the overgrown roots. He now dug some holes, which were going to be used for seeds.

Now that all the overgrown Weeds and tree roots were all in one pile, which he told himself that he’d get rid of tomorrow, Sai took out something in his pocket, which was a small pouch of some sort. There were seeds in this pouch; all from the castle. Sai treasured these seeds, as he was told as a kid that these Saphir flowers would grow quickly. Saphir flowers are really a sight to behold, as they’re like roses, but with a sapphire like tint to them. He put all of the flowers into their respected places, and smiled.

The young double black prince started to weep. “Mom! All of the flowers are withered!”

Sai’s mother smiled, and was now holding him. “Its ok sweetie, we are going to get these replaced with Saphir flowers.”

The young Sai wiped his tears, “Saphir flowers?”

“Yep! These flowers are magical, there’s a fairy tale, when you plant these flowers, and sing a song, and they say true love will find their way to you.”

“True love? Let me try!”

“Whoa, there sweetie. This song has to be made from you, and it has to be straight from the heart, ok?”

The young Sai smiled.“So I’ll find true love?”

“If you sing the right song, these flowers will guide you there.”

Sai looked at the flowers, and only wished that they’d grow, quick. Not that he’d want to find his true love, or did he secretly in his heart? There were always tons of beautiful demon nobles trying to court him, but he denied them all. What’s so wrong with adopting an heir in the first place?

Well, anyways, the garden was finished, and it was looking to be sometime near day-break. He sighed, as he saw two of one thing, and he knew it was time for bed. He walked all the way around the old castle, and went into his mother’s room. He stood there shocked, as the room was sparkling, like no dust ever touched it in the first place! Sai looked for Cecil, who was fast asleep right next to Sara’s crib, where she was sleeping soundly.

He threw Cecil softly on to the bed, and lay on the bed, and within a moment, was fast asleep.

Asher chuckled as he went through Sai’s lush black hair. “You’ll be a great father someday, Sai, I just know it!”

Sai whined. “But father, what happens if I don’t want an heir?”

“What-do-you-mean no heir? Of course you’ll have an heir.”

Sai then smiled. “Will you be happy to see my grand-son or grand-daughter then?”

Asher smiled, and let go of Sai’s hair. “With you as a double black, and us being practically immortal, I see no problem of not being happy to see your kids! “

Sai jumped in excitement. “That’s good to hear father!"

Cecil was shaking Sai “Lord Sai! Lord Sai, would you please wake up!”

Sai slowly opened his eyes, only to find the pink sheets were covered in tears, and his ears were ringing of a baby crying. “Hmm? Oh, it’s just you Cecil. Can’t you let me sleep a bit longer?”

Cecil screamed in horror. “Sara’s dying!”

“W-what?”Sai jolted awake from his bed, and ran to the crib. Sai was about to smack Cecil for waking him up at a time like this, but then again, he’d have to take responsibility for this. “No she’s not, ya idiot. She’s hungry!”

Cecil poked at her cheek, but to no avail. “Can’t she eat herself?”

“No, she can’t. Human babies are too weak to eat by themselves. They either need milk, or baby solution.”

Cecil blushed in horror. “M-milk? You mean from t-there?” He pointed to where he was disgusted to even think about.

Sai nodded. “That’s the only way.”

“Lord Sai! Please don’t do this!”

Sai chuckled. “What, I feed the baby?”

“Please, Lord Sai, please summon a Succubus or something!”

“Bleh, I don’t like those things. And plus, what would happen if those Succubae would tell someone where we are?”

Cecil was still annoyed. “That is true, but how do we feed the baby?”

Sai went through the dresser doors, which weren’t far from the crib, and picked out a bottle. “With this.”

“Isn’t that a bottle?”

“We put milk in here, the baby drinks it, and call this case a day. After all, this mystery is solved!”

“Where do we get milk sire?”

“In town. And go get some food for us too.”

“I see. I’ll go get some right away. Give me about 30 minutes.” Cecil ran off, and left Sai with a crying baby. Sai hugged the baby tight-but not so tight, and slowly wiped down Sara’s tears. “I know you’re hungry, but you’ll have to bear the pain of all of this for now. But in the future, I will make sure that you’ll never feel this pain of being hungry again, ok?” The baby continued to roar in hunger pains, and Sai did his best to rock the baby to sleep, and Sara fell asleep.

Strange murmurs were throughout the town, as they saw the blonde man running, like time was a-part of his life. “Oh look, it’s the stranger from before!”

Gossiping teenage girls were at the corner of the town, where they had first met the elder. “What is he doing in town?”

“Do you know where to find baby-solution? And food, I need a merchant who can has both items. As for the baby solution, please don’t ask about that.”

The young teenage girls chuckled at what he needed, and Cecil could hear them whispering to each other, “Does he really have a kid in that castle?”

Cecil sighed. “Can you please bring me to a merchant who would have this? It’s urgent.” The youngest girl in that group took his hand and politely, if it wasn’t a whisper said, “This way.” They walked up to another old man with a cane, which Cecil doubted that he had the items necessary for a baby, but behind the old man, there was just about everything he needed. Perfect. Cecil looked at the young lady, and thanked her. “Thanks young miss!”

She blushed, and then walked away.

“Excuse me mister, would you have something called baby powder, or solution, or whatever it’s called? Oh, yes, I also need provisions for about a week as well.”

The old man pointed with his cane to the baby powder, and then pointed the opposite way for the provisions. “That’d be about 30 gold altogether. Is that fine by you?”

Cecil took out a pouch of cash, and gave him 30 gold, and packed the stuff into his bag. “I’m in a rush, so I’m in no-mood to bargain. I’ll take it.” Cecil nodded at the merchant, and ran off.The merchant chuckled with his cane. He hadn’t made that good of a deal in ages, and he hoped to do it again, after all, that blonde seemed to be rich. But once you really think about it, there weren’t any real rich people in town. So just who was he?
Once Cecil came, he overhauled himself with gallons of baby solution, and food for the next week. Sai instructed him to heat up the bottle with some magic, but with precise instructions not to make the milk too hot, or too cold. The baby slowly woke up, and was fed, and in due time went back to sleep.

“What’s your plan today lord Sai?”

“I plan to bury Sara’s mother in the garden, and finally clean up my father’s room. As for my mother’s room, that will be Sara’s room, and my father’s room shall be my room. I’m going to make your room my old room. If, that’s fine with you, I mean.”

“I-in the garden? Shouldn’t you bury her outside of the castle? We really can’t put her in the same place as the beautiful garden of the great demon king, correct? ”

“Sara is a part of our family now, and her mother should be respected.”

Cecil ended his insolence with a bow, and escorted himself out of the room. “Understood.”

Sai took the old roots, and tree bits he could find, and fashioned it with the help of some magic into a coffin. He then took the rotten corpse of Sara’s mother, and put her slowly in there. He then went in the middle of the garden and dug up a huge hole, which he put her in. He then put back the soil in the hole, and took a couple of stones and put it on top of the grave.

Sai pointed to the hole in the ground, and saw that today, everyone was wearing black at the castle. Sai tugged his dad’s black outfit, the one he wore every day, but noticed something was a bit different about it today. “Daddy? Why is mommy going in there?”

King Asher looked at his child, and started crying. But it wasn’t just a silent tear. It was loud sobbing that everyone could hear; which made everyone stare at him. “She won’t wake up.”

Sai shook his head. “Why not? Aren’t we supposed to live long lives?”

He said the next few words with utter disgust. “A human infiltrated our castle, and murdered her. “

“What’s murder?” He had never seen his father cry like this before, and now, he started to have tears in his eyes seeing him like this.

“That means we can’t see mommy anymore.” Sai then took a moment to realize what he said, and he started crying aloud.

He now called that a day, as Sai wiped the hot sweat from his face. He now went into his father’s room, which was perfectly adjacent from his mother’s room, and started cleaning that up, but just about everything in there had some sentimental value. Sai dusted off the doors, and slowly cleaned up the room.

It had been a couple of hours since Sara last fell asleep, and he was started to get worried. But at that moment, Sara started crying again, and Sai ran to Sara’s room. He took her out of the crib, and sang a couple of songs, but all to no avail.

Sai thought, what could possibly be wrong? She probably needed some fresh air. He ran to Cecil, who was now fixing the old-dining room, which seemed just about fixed. The old dusty mahogany table looked just about new, along with the silver stationary sets. There were no traces of moss like before, and even the room smelled better than before.

“Hey, Cecil, I’m going out for a flight.”

“Wait, what? You can’t! Humans will find us, and kill us! We just got here the other day, and I don’t know any secret escape routes in this castle!”

“I’ll be careful. Plus, Sara needs some fresh air, so I’m doing it for her.” He looked at the crying baby and slowly wiped her tears.

“But how about if this human has enough memory that you have wings?”

“She won’t. At around a year, she’s too young to remember.”

“Fine, but be careful. Please, if anything happens to my master, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself.”

Sai went to the garden outside, and took out his wings. Sara stared at Sai, and with the tons of curiosity that she had, she stopped crying. Sai slowly flew up, and carried Sara tightly. He went for a flight around the castle about 3 times, and Sara looked like she was in a trance. She started smiling, and laughing. Sai saw this and smiled.

Sai slowly flew down, due to him being tired, but Sara was as awake as he was when he jolted awake earlier in the day. If only she could take a nap. But doesn’t he have Cecil to watch her? Sai walked to Sara’s room, and put her back in the crib, this time with a couple of toys, to keep her busy and took a nap, that he thought lasted forever.