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(Chapter 1) Paws Like Needles

by PumpkinBOO

PumpkinBOO Heres My First Written Work! ❤ I Really Hope You Guys Injoy! I Got The Idea From A Battle I Had On My X And Y So Its Not That Great! But Anyways The Story Is About A Houndoom Who Finds Himself Whined Up In A 'Thorny' Place! ❤Enjoy!❤
''Ugh..'' I Groaned Rubbing My Head Gently With My Muddy Paws;I Was Surrounded By Bushes,Thorn Bushes With Long Vines Growing From Them.It Was Quite Frighting At First Before I Remembered I Was A Fire Type.My Mouth Opened Wide As I Used A Tough Powerful Force Of Flamethrower.As The Smoke Cleared I Could See The Vines Still There,How Confusing...I Quickly Went For Another Go But Nothing Happened,How...Strange! I Quickly Let Out My Fangs And Bit On One Of The Vines With A Fire Crunch But The Vines Were Perfectly Vine I Then Growled Letting Out A Roar Trying To Blow Them Away But All I Got Were The Thorns Off Them,I Then Bounced Around Happily Finally! I Could Escape Intill I Remembered,I Was Too Big To Fit Through The Gaps,That Was It I Was Trapped In The Deeping Thorn Rotting Place!