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Wintry: Ch 1: G, Wintry and Elizabeth

by Hecotoro

Hecotoro Part of a written series that will be combined with the written series of other fellow writers.

I will focus on Elizabeth Elric and how she tries to juggle being a famous streamer, college student and superhero.
September 1st, 2021.

"And that is exactly how you use Master Yi to carry your team to victory!"

The computer's first screen displayed a large Victory, while an online chat blew up on the second one. The girl sitting in front of monitors leaned back on her chair with a bright smile. She adjusted her headphones that mimicked black cat ears and with colorful lights, while waving at the cam above one of the monitors.

"Thank you all so much for tuning in! Remember that I will not be streaming the rest of this week because school is starting! Which reminds me, you still have three days to enter the Autumn lottery! Remember if you sub before the 4th, you enter the chance to win an autographed shirt and a personalized zing with a cosplay of your choice!"

The girl had straight short black hair, her bangs longer than the rest and light blue streaks in the front. She had really light blue eyes, almost neon like making it look like she wore some special contact lenses that lit up. Her skin tone was nothing out of the ordinary, very well taken care off, just like the rest of her features. It was no wonder she was popular, even her smile was something that would make any common man turn around.

"Now before I go, five minutes with my peeps! I will try and respond to all of your messages on the chat, starting in three... two... one!"

She leaned towards the second monitor, reading the chat with lots of messages popping up. She had a second program opened up that picked random ones and placed them to the side, so she could answer them while looking at the camera.

-TrollSlayer_87 says: What is your real name so I can tattoo it across my chest?-

"Aw that's sweet Troll Slayer, my name is G and that is all you need to know!"

-AtomicSquirrelxxx says: What college are you going to?-

"Sorry, that is private information! Nice try guys, but not today."

-ILoveG_47 says: I love you G! For real, I wanna marry you, I can make you happy!-

"Love you too I Love G!"

-WilliamRobbinson9987 says: Can you please play Grand Theft Auto V with me?-

"I would love to! Keep checking my channel and when I play GTA V join up, I always play online!"

-NotABot says: as;klfjasfhkelncicnailcejias-

"Back at you buddy!"

"Alright that's it for now guys, thank you for watching tonight's stream and remember to stay cool!"

With one last bright smile the camera shut down and the streaming programs closed. G sighed loudly as her joyful attitude disappeared and was replaced by a gloomy and tired face. She slouched on her chair and spun a few times before stopping to look at her room. There was a big bed with several lights above it, which seemed to be the only place with lighting, giving it a light blue glow that mixed with the black walls. On the bed were several stuffed animals, from Pokemon, anime characters, bears and other plushie characters. The walls were decorated with shelves that held books, video games and family photos. There was no window in the room, probably because it could affect the streaming, so if you didn't have a way to check time, it would be hard to figure it out. G stood up, grabbing an energy drink that was on her desk and walking over to the closet.

She stood in front of the door leading into the small room that held several outfits and clothing scattered about. A sly smile appeared on her face before she drank the remaining liquid, crushed the can and tossed it into a nearby trash can. At the end of the closet was a black suit, a onesie that included a hood and even gloves. G walked over and took the suit into her hands before walking out and tossing it onto the bed.

"Finally, I get to use you."

She removed her clothing quickly and changed into the suit. The hoodie had a mask included on it, covering every inch of her body in black. She raised her hands and then hugged herself, placing her hands on her shoulders. Parts of the suit began to light up. The back of the hoodie glowed with a neon light blue, along with the shoulders, the front part of her thighs and the back of her chins. The front part of her forearms began to glow in a neon pink and outlined goggles over the black mask.

G walked over to a mirror and checked that everything was in place, before hugging herself again and the suit went dark, turning the lights off. The girl then walked out of the room, standing in front of her penthouse. Before her was a balcony that looked down to her living room and kitchen. To the right was another room and after that a bathroom before having the stairs that led to the lower floor. Like always, it was dark, no lights on besides that of the alarm system by the front door. With ease, G jumped off the edge and landed on her living room, walking to one of the huge windows that showed the night sky and the illuminated Pi City in front of her. She walked over to one of the open windows, letting cold air sweep in, which didn't seem to bother the girl dressed in black. She opened the window, stepped out onto the edge and jumped off.

In a few seconds, G landed on what seemed two slices of ice, which began to spread forward as she slid downwards, disappearing behind her. The black figure couldn't be seen from the bottom, besides her being too high, the lights were too bright to make out anything moving much above them. The girl slid across the sky as if magic, the clear ice barely visible, but guided her as if she controlled it. She kept moving over the district known as Up City, where the university campus was located and home to many students. She moved across the sky easily, almost as if walking on air. Anybody who looked up might just confuse her with a bird, not paying much attention to her.

G kept moving until reaching the next district, The Ripples. This district was known for its high rates in crime and being home to the lower class, which was such a cliché. The girl in black kept gliding across the sky until finally landing on a building that had someone's clothes hanging out to dry. G sat down at the edge, she tapped the side of her forehead and her mask projected a holographic screen a few inches in front of her. The screen seemed to display radio signals while at the same time scanning a small map based on the city. She stood there swinging her feet looking at the gloomy buildings in front of her and the poorly lit streets, until a warning sign appeared on her screen.

"Wintry time!"

Wintry stood up, hugging her chest to turn the lights of her suit on and once again began sliding across the sky, this time however, following the directions indicated on her screen. The neon lights made it look like colorful stars were moving above the sky, catching the attention of a few passersby who still had business outside in the dark night. To Wintry, they were all suspicious, as any sane person knew that being out in The Ribbles so late was bad news. This didn't seem to scare the young woman, as she slid across the sky going into darker parts of the city.

When she was a few blocks from her destination, she once again turned off the lights of her suit, allowing her to reach a tall and musky looking apartment building without being noticed. She stepped on the roof, checking her holographic screen.

"A report of domestic violence on the last floor…" She looked around until locating the roof access door, "Alright, the cops aren't even on their way yet. It's up to Wintry to solve this one."

Wintry walked inside, descending the first flight of stairs and walking into the long gloomy hallway with just one small lamp giving off enough light to show the apartment doors. She stood still listening for anything that might help her decipher where the incident was taking place. But after what seemed about five minutes, there was nothing but silence. Because of this, the masked girl began walking down the hallway, listening closely by every door, until finally in the center room, she heard weeping.

This is it Wintry, be ready for whatever is beyond this door. Freeze first, ask-

The door burst open, making Wintry jump back as a lady reached out as if trying to escape. She had long messy black hair, a white gown filled with stains and torn parts while her face showed clear scratches and bruises. Her face froze when she saw the black figure standing in front of her, but it only lasted a second as a big hand reached out, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back in.

The woman screamed for help as she fell to the ground landing on the feet of a tall man, wearing black jeans and a dirty gray muscle shirt. He had a long black beard while his head was completely shaved. His black piercing eyes didn't seem to notice Wintry as he looked down at the woman crying at his feet.

"Freeze!" Wintry called out while pointing her left palm at the big individual, "let go of her, Now!"

The man finally set his eyes on the person covered in black. His eyes seemed to burn through the mask as he looked in the direction of Wintry's face. He took a step forward, placing his body between the crying woman and Wintry, as if protecting what was his. He snorted loudly before slamming the door, leaving Wintry alone in the hallway.

"Dammit, really? Freeze? Should've just attacked him. Oh well, forced entry it is." Wintry spoke to herself while turning on the lights on her suit.

She took a step back before kicking the door in front of her, breaking it open. She stepped inside, only to see the man had dragged the woman further in. The apartment was small, the living room barely had space for a small sofa, tv and kitchen. There seemed to be a door leading to a bedroom and another to a small bathroom. The only window was in the living room, big enough for one to climb through. The towering man could probably hit his head if he jumped hard enough.

"Get the fuck out of my house!" He tossed the woman to the side while taking a few steps towards Wintry, "Unless you want to end up tied to my bed , then be my guest."

Wintry gulped, the smile the man showed at the last words sent chills down her back. But she wasn't about to back away. A small screen in her vision showed the cops were five minutes away. She had to at least keep the woman safe until then. She was no expert in fighting, but she had run simulations just in case she ever faced someone way over her weight class. Unfortunately, she ran them just in her head while taking a shower.

"The cops are on their way, I saw how you grabbed her. I'm a witness, you're going to jail."

The man laughed while the woman begged him to stop. "I gave you the option to leave, this is on you."

He lunged forward, spreading his arms wide enough to cover the tiny hallway Wintry was standing in. She spread her arms out as well, however on her hands two pointy icicles appeared out of thin air. With a swift movement, she stabbed one on his thigh and another on his left hand, pinning it to the wall. The man screamed in pain as Wintry pushed him out of the way and rushed towards the woman.

"Let's get you out of here, you're going to be okay." Wintry tried to help the woman to her feet, but she shrunk and screamed as the arms of the man wrapped around Wintry's neck and torso.

"Not so tough now huh? I'm gonna break ya in half!" He said as he squeezed while Wintry kicked and gasped for air. "You think you can just walk in here with popsicles and a bright suit and save people, huh? Who's going to save you now, huh?"

Wintry tried to pull his big arm away from his neck, but it wouldn't budge, she just felt how the pressure increased and her lungs tried to expand under her chest. She placed the heel of her feet on the man's thighs and tried to push herself forward, to no avail. The mixture of the man's rotten breath, the screaming and crying woman and the lack of oxygen began to stir Wintry's mind into a state of panic.

Relax Snowflake, think and execute.

Wintry felt an idea rush to her head as she made two more pointy icicles on her hands and stabbed them into the sides of the man grabbing her. He growled as he threw Wintry forward, having her crash into a small couch. He pulled the two icy objects from under his ribs and set his eyes on Wintry, who was standing up, gasping for air and trying to regain her balance. The man threw the two weapons to the sides after making sure he didn't see any more on his opponent.

"You're going to pay for that!" He rushed forward before he started to stumble, losing his balance and falling hard on his back.

An icy path could be seen over the dirty carpet from where Wintry had landed and where the man had fallen. Wintry crouched down and placed her hands against the ground. Ice began to form around the legs of the individual who had fallen, freezing his pants and moving on to his shirt. He began to struggle as he began to feel heavier but the ice around his body began to get thicker, limiting his movements and covering everything from his neck down. It didn't stop there, inside what seemed to be an ice box now, small spikes were formed, puncturing any part of the man's body they made contact with.

"What is this?! What did you do?!" He shouted, starting to tremble out of anger and low temperature.

Wintry sat back on the floor, watching on her screen how the cops were close to arriving. She turned towards the woman who seemed to have stopped crying and was now in shock. They both stood up and looked down at the big brute trying not to get stabbed inside the ice box.

"I can take you to a hospital." Wintry offered her hand to the victim, but the woman seemed to have made a sudden realization as she bolted towards the bedroom.

"Ay no dios mio, mi hija!" The woman cried out from inside the room.

Wintry followed quickly and froze at the site before her. There was a girl about her age, laying with her eyes open on a dirty bed. The girl had several puncture wounds on her right arm and white foam coming out of her mouth. Wintry rushed over to her, climbing the bed and placing two fingers by her neck. No heartbeat. With a trembling soul, Wintry began attempting to revive the girl, while the mother stood next to them weeping loudly and praying at the top of her lungs. Nothing.

When the cops arrived, Wintry had left the mother alone with her daughter. She punched the restrained man until leaving him unconscious, to make sure he wouldn't escape. She made her way back to her apartment in Up City, her mind silent as she skied through the sky until she stepped into her room. Her hands trembled as she removed her mask and saw her reflection on the window. Her beautiful bright eyes drowned in tears.

It's okay Snowflake, we can't save everyone. But we have to keep trying. Remember it's your duty. You're the daughter of Techno, you're my Snowflake, you're Elizabeth Elric.