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Catching Tails

by Firox

Catching Tails.png
Firox just a silly sketch I did for fun - just more fun with the Eeveelutions and those super fun fluffy or bushy tails... (yep love them in arts) - so many other artist pay little to no attention to them (either tail not visible in the art, or cut off page - looks so much cuter in the art)

each playing or nipping or hugging another tail.... using my own VeeSonas for the art:
the Vee in the drawing is actually a friend of mine that has so much fun with in another forum and Discord
(yep, loved being featured in the art)

first off - their names and species:
Eevee - based it on ? - or DeviantArt MysteriousMystery
my own sonas:
F - Vaporeon - Vay
M - Jolteon - Joseph
M - Flareon - Firox
M - Espeon - Jyo
M - Umbreon - Arval
F - Leafeon - Linette
F - Glaceon - Grace
F - Sylveon - Sherrie


starting off with ? the Eevee - nipping Sherrie, pushing at Firox's nose, likely has a small cheesecake hiding ready to throw, it will challenge bigger Firox fox to food battle
"silly foxy"
Vee friend loves having fun that way in another forum, loves playing and throwing food instead of using the normal-type attacks

Sherrie Sylveon, she has a ribbon wrapped around ?'s ear, is nipping Arval's, even has a ribbon wrapped around the tail to keep it closer or to prevent it from 'wagging out of her maw'
the other ribbon, lower right, she stepping on it for now to keep it safe, part of it seen under foot-paw

Arval Umbreon up next excited on catching Jyo next knowing he has better type advantage
and the kitty's is super ticklish to nips and licks

Jyo Espeon watching Arval, kind of saying "eepz, hey! not so rough Arval"

Grace Glaceon wrapping the leafy tail around her, looking at Jyo kind of saying
"hey Jyo, does this leafy scarf look good on me?"

Linette Leafon really dream come true, (in my grown up Eeveelution sonas, she is the only one that loves playing with tails more than the others) wrapped around Vay's own light blue tail, enjoying it, even nipping one of the fins

Vay Vaporeon grabbing onto one or two of Joseph's shorter spiky tails
"Joseph, I can wash them for you"

Joseph Jolteon gets to be the lucky one, laying down on the warm and super fluffy fire fox

Firox Flareon gets to catch the smallest of the all the Vees
"hey ?, I guess I get to catch you, now you will loose"

the TCG like symbols kind of matching the Veez' main fur color
couldn't think of a background for it, so just kept it transparent