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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: Bigger Plans Ahead

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel, Melanie, Cynthia, Brendan, Gabriel, and Mark are after Team Ice and Team Rock, hoping to get to the Regis in time before they are trapped and used as machines, but a bigger enemy has come, with greater power.
We were walking down the desert when a huge explosion out of nowhere came from the Desert Ruins and we went running. "What happened" I said. "Not much" Admin Kyle said. "What have you guys done" Cynthia asked. "We awaken Regirock, and now we have him in this Team Rock Ball" Boss Cathy said coming out of the Desert Ruins with the pokeball at hand. "You have to stop" I demanded. "Why should we, the pokemon need us, this world needs US" Boss Cathy said. Suddenly Team Rock began to move on. A received a call from Brendan and I answered it. "Hello, Brendan, Team Rock took Regirock" I said. "Same here, Team Ice took Regice already" Brendan said. "Any ideas where to go" I asked Brendan. "Just, go to Devon at Lil City, and just go to the top floor and, we'll be there" Brendan said. "Sure" I said hanging up. "Let's go girls" I said and we moved on to Lil City.

Lil City
We were back at Lil City, the harsh cold city and when to Devon and met with Brendan and the others. "What next" I said and as soon as I said that both Boss Cathy and Boss Bruce appeared in the office badly injured. "What happened, and where's your groups" We asked them. "A guy, out of nowhere took our groups and told us, that we was going to be the new leader, and anyone opposing him would result injured, and we opposed" Boss Bruce said. "He said that his plans will come to an end using the Regis to awaken Regigigas to make his new Continent" Boss Cathy said. "But, he need Registeel, OH NO" Brendan said. "He is after Registeel in the Ancient Tomb, we need to go get him" Brendan said. "I'm behind you" I said. The whole group went after Ancient Tomb, but only Brendan and I entered the rest stayed outside with Bruce and Cathy. "I see, more to destroy my plans" The Mysterious Man said. "Your plans of making a new continent is selfish, you'll destroy Sinnoh and New Hoenn in the process" Brendan said. "Killing many pokemon and lives" I said. "Well, I don't care about them, I want a Continet, for me to rule over and to have citizens, which I have, Team Rock and Team Ice, loyal citizens to me already" The Mysterious Man said. "If you excuse me" he said thowing at a pokeball to Registeel and caught it. "I'm Rigent, I will make this a better place for my people" He said leaving. "Stop, let's have a battle, the winner stays with the legends" I said. "Why, it would be an honor" Rigent said. "GO Medicham" I said. "GO Flygon" Rigent said. "MEGA EVOLVE" I YELLED. "MEGA EVOLVE" Rigent YELLED. Both pokemon began glowing and soon changed designs. "Ready Medicham" I said. "MEDICHAM" Medicham yelled. "Medicham use Drain Punch" "Dodge it" Medicham move like Lightning Bolt to strike at Flygon, but Flygon avoided the attack. "Flygon, use Dragon Pulse" DODGE IT. Flygon managed to go and hit Medicham before it could move. "Giving up?" Rigent said. Medicham was suffering and could barely stand up. "Medicham" I said. Medicham stood up. "MEDICHAM USE ICE PUNCH" I YELLED. "Okay, Flygon use U-Turn" Rigent said. Flygon went faster that Medicham and hit with a powerful bug type move to knock down Medicham. Medicham fell to the floor turning back to normal. "Return" I said. "Guess we know who gets the Regis" He said leaving. "Let's go" Brendan said. We went back to Lil City's Devon...