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Before: Before: Zezanna Ch. 2

by obey_jaidon

They were both staring at each other, worried. But then Sapphire grew a smile. "Now you do what I say, no choice
for you." Sapphire whispered in Zezanna's ear. "Your happy about THIS!?" Zezanna yelled in sadness. "A bit, they always paid attention to you ALL the time. They never sacrificed the time to give me some attention." Sapphire responded. So, time passed from days to weeks, from weeks to months. Zezanna slept outside in their backyard, in the big oak tree, were she would see the stars and constellations with her father. And also, as time passed, her sister grew more and more greedy over time. Neighbors were wondering what happened to Lucid and Percy, and why that house looked abandoned. But one day, when Zezanna was in her teenage years, she ran away, to a place were nopony has gone before. The trees here grew for miles, it was dark and humid, with monsters that even the world's best unicorn, Star Swirl the Bearded, never recorded. This is forbidden place was the Everfree Forest. Zezanna was a brave one, she wasn't hesitant to take one step after another in the forest. She was running through the forest, making herself not look back. But she did, and crashed into a tree. She looked in front of her, to see a huge tree, that didn't even look natural. It had holes in it, almost like windows. She saw a door, and went inside, because it was starting to pour. She noticed it was like a hut, with bottles if unknown substances and chemicals, with bowls in shelfs with different materials in it. There was also tiki masks made out of wood and stone. "And what do you think your doing in a place, where your not supposed to be?" an unknown voice echoed in the room. Zezanna looked back, and saw a pony, but not an ordinary one. It was gray, with black stripes, many gold earings, and necklaces piling on each other. She had dark green eyes, and long hair put in brades. "Um... uh... you see, I ran away from my home, due to, well, problems. I was hoping that if I ran away, I would end up in Canterlot or something. But sorry for barging in to your home, it was unpleasant of me." Zezanna mumbled. "And what problems occured there?" the unknown pony questioned. "My parents died of a murderer, and my elder sister isn't really, well, taking care if me. She's too busy being a gold-digger to stallions and making herself get attention." Zezanna responded. "I'm Zenira, a zebra." the pony said with a nice grin. "I'm Zezanna, a, well, pegasus. Incase you haven't noticed." Zezanna giggled. "Are you planning to get back at the murderer?" Zehira questioned. "That's why I left. My sister, Sapphire Spell, didn't care about their death, and I was looking for revenge on them, basically looking for training." Zezanna answered. "There's a difference between revenge and payback, you know." she said. "Your not intended to kill them, right?" There was a silence. "I was going to." Zezanna said. "No, you only kill when necessary. You have to word out with the pony. Revenge is doing the same to them of what they did. You have a lot to learn." Zehira smiled.~