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Before: Before: Zezanna Ch. 1

by obey_jaidon

obey_jaidon Before the daughter of the moon was banished, Equestria was the most powerful and vast territory in the world, because of its highly strong military. They lived in peace, for almost a thousand years time.
Parts from "Before":

1. Zezanna
2. Chaos Bringer
3. The end of the Crystal Empire
4. The Banishment
5. Return of the Elements

Zezanna, Part 1:

Long ago, before the daughter of the moon was banished, Equestria prospered within its boundaries. The two royal sisters, Princess Celestia, daughter of the sun, and Princess Luna, daughter of the moon, were just crowned princesses of Equestria. The eldest, Celestia, and the youngest, Luna, were planning to create many areas Equestria will hold for generations. Canterlot, was planned to be the capital of the land, were the two sisters would live. All soon to be cities were being made, with ponies migrating from earth pony civilizations. Cloudsdale, was the place of the pegasus, in the skies of Equestria. Were down below, on the land, were the unicorns and earth ponies. Manehatten, was another city that was in the process of being built. Most travelers would come here, because of its well food products. A young mare named Lucidia, a unicorn, was from a little town named Yanhoover. She was going to Manehatten, to make a living there. She had curly brown and honey yellow hair, with pink fur. Her cutie mark was a heart and a autumn leaf, because she loved the wilderness. When she got there, she went straight to the food market. As she was waiting in line, she saw how the city was being built, and still had a lot to go. She smiled at the city, imaging how she would be happy here. "Excuse me Ms, your next." a pony in the back of her said. She looked in the back of her, and saw she was holding up a line. She galloped towards the stand, to see a dark blue pegasus, with black hair, and black sunglasses. She looked at him confused, because he was wearing sunglasses, and it wasn't hot. But she soon realized that the young stallion was blind. But why would he run a stand, though he can't see. "What would you like, Ms.?" the stallion questioned. "Umm, two carrots, please." she smiled. "That will be two bits, please", he said, while giving her the carrots. She gave him the bits, and took the carrots. "Thank you, sir." she said. "Please, call me Percy, Ms. What's your name? You seem like a very sweet unicorn." he responded, in a sweet manner. "I'm Lucidia, nice t- wait, how'ed you know I was an unicorn?!" she questioned. "Lucky guess." he smirked. "Nice to meet you." She blushed, and said good bye. She was still confused of how he knew she was an unicorn. She stayed there for a couple of weeks, going to the market every 2 days, were Percy was. They both figured out each other's schedule, hanging out in the market, talking to each other. Until Percy asked Lucidia to go walk around the town that evening. She accepted, and had fun with each other. Percy was blind since he was born, but he could use his other senses than sight better than her. The both fell for one another, and dated for a year or two. Then Harthes Warming Eve came around, Percy proposed to Lucidia in the small cabin she stayed in. She hugged him and cried, while saying "yes" thousands of times. The two had a good wedding, and about two years later, they had their first child, a girl unicorn with deep sapphire eyes, white fur, and pink hair. They named her Sapphire Spell, because ever since she was young, magic was on her side. She was a unicorn of manners, also a know-it-all. Sapphire gained her cutie mark, that was a blue scroll and wand. She had all the attention, until when she was 4, when the next daughter was born. She was a girl gray pegasus, with maroon and silver hair, along with dark maroon eyes. They named her Zezanna, meaning "Adventures one" in the old pony language. Ever since she was born, she was a very adventures girl, who loved the outdoors. She was a fast flyer, because she was close to her dad. Zezanna was the stubborn one, who was a bit hard-headed too. Sapphire Spell, was jealous of all the attention she was getting. Her parents couldn't watch her spells often as before. She was the younger one, who would needed some watching, also since she was everywhere. One peaceful and quiet night, while everyone was resting, there was a loud screech and yell coming from the Lucidia and Percy's room. Waking up, really scared, the two young ones walked quietly and slowly to the room, with Sapphire in the front, ready to harness her power. When they got to the room, the window was open, bed pillows and sheets all over the floor, and the room thrashed. Sapphire was looking around the small room, and Zezanna saw a hoof bracelet on the floor. It had a switch, and she touched it. A small, but sharp, blade came out. It was stained with blood. Sapphire was crying, which made Zezanna cry. And the night was ruined.~
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