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Barry Recolor

by The Blue Blur

Barry Recolor.png
  1. The Blue Blur
    The Blue Blur
    Good ol' Mother 3 ahh.... I also love red-heads! (Even if my hair is blue...)
    Aug 10, 2015
  2. ToxicSwamp
    The hair reminds me of Claus from Mother 3.
    Aug 10, 2015
    The Blue Blur likes this.
  3. The Blue Blur
    The Blue Blur
    Yep! Just give credit to me! I'll look for the story when it is up.
    Apr 5, 2015
  4. Ultimate Gamer_Shady
    Ultimate Gamer_Shady
    I really like this may I get permisson to use this for my story!?
    Apr 5, 2015