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Bang on target.

by BlueShiny

BlueShiny Marlin was down to his last pokemon. "Eevee, I choose you!"
This was it. The final battle of the day. The finals. Marlin vs Lucy.
A 3 on 3 battle.

Lucy smiled as she sent out her first pokemon. "Do me proud, lucario!"
Marlin had seen a Lucario before, but never bartled one.

Marlin made his choice. He sent a pokeball flying into the arena.
"Go zoroark!"

Lucy was the first to move. "Lucario, Bone rush!"
Marlin watched as lucario attacked. "Now Zoroark, Illusion!"
The whole battlefield started to swivel. Now it was Lucy's turn to watch as the battle turned into a room of tricks.
"Don't let it put you off, lucario! Focus and use bone rush again!"
Bone rush hit Zoroark.
"Hang in there!" Marlin shouted. But it was too late. Zoroark fell to the ground. "Return!" Marlin praised his pokemon for doing well. "Ok, Gigalith, do your best!"

Lucy again moved first. "Bone rush!"
Gigalith stayed strong. Bone rush did hardly anything. "Gigalith! Rock slide!" Gigalith obayed. Rocks came falling down. Lucario fainted!
"Lucario, return. " Lucy thanked the pokemon for doing well. "Greninja, cone on out!"

This time, Marlin made first move. "Gigalith, rock slide!" The attack missed. "Nows your chance, Greninja! Grass not!"
Marlin watched in horror as Greninja toppled over Gigalith. "Gigalith, return."

Marlin was down to his last pokemon. "Eevee, I chose you!"
This was a surprise to Lucy. "I thought you would of used a better pokemon. Greninja, Finnish this off with grass not!"

Marlin grinned. "Eevee, secret power!"
Greninja fell to the ground. "No, Greninja! Here, have a good rest. Ok here it goes! Hydreigon! Lets battle!"

Marlin knew how to handle this.
"Ok Eevee, this is it! Use swift and aim for Hydreigons wings!"
Lucy laughed. "You've gotta do more than see stars to win! Hydreigon, hiper beam!"
Marlin knew what he was doing. "Eevee, use swift on the ground!"
Eevee obayed and just as Marlin wanted, Eevee made itself prepel upwards by the power of its swift. "Ok Eevee, use tackle! "

Bang on target. Eevee used tackle and to Lucy's horror, Hydreigon fainted. "Wha- How? Eevee must be very strong!"

After winning the battle, Marlin thanked Lucy and set off, seeking anouther battle...