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Back to Square One

by The Voltagonist

The Voltagonist Once your journey is over, what's the next step?

This word has been manifested by the sweat and tears of my partners, my allies, my friends. Our long and grinding efforts were not in vain, for our work had finally payed off. Our moment of glory was finally upon us, and our names would be forever recorded in the place where all legends revel in their stories: the infamous Hall of Fame, where countless trainers are listed as triumphant victors of undying gratitude, hardship and power. I was honored to count myself as one of them, but the question remains… what exactly comes after? I figured as there was nothing more to see, for I had truly seen it all upon the paths I’ve walked, it was time for me to return to the very place I started.

Home… now that came with an image I’d not given a second thought about. It was the last place I wanted to be, and yet now is the very place I yearned to see once again. Considering how much time had passed since my departure, I presumed that a lot had transpired in my absence. Something about that felt sad, yet, in a way, has the best feeling imaginable at the same time. The prolonged journey had finally reached its end, with me standing at the top step, the peak, the flag. Now it was time for me to retrace my steps, heading back to the place from whence I came.

The returning journey was filled with reminiscence. The farther I delved into the adventure, the more the world around me would change. It also got the thinking, I played a major role in multiple things around the region. Not only had I triumphed over every obstacle that was hurled in my direction, I saved the world from being overtaken by chaos and destruction. I couldn’t help but feel as if I was a protagonist in all of this, like this was all part of a single story, a plan. It was almost as if a larger figure was guiding me along as I went.

As I finally approached the familiar sights of home, I was welcomed by countless familiar faces. Neighbors, friends, family… they all had come to see my safe return. I had come to forget what it meant to be revered in the eyes of beloved ones, and now that I had finally returned home, I could remember in the fullest of detail. Amongst them stood an individual that had more of an impact on than the rest of them could ever hope to have. My mother, my sweet mother, ran to me with open arms, tears rolling down her face. As we embraced each other, I finally recalled what I missed most of all in the world. Reunited once again, my journey was finally over. A new life, however, had just begun.
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