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MaskMan: Aura Smart MaskMan

by Light MaskMan

Light MaskMan What if the smartest guy wasn't the strongest
"What let me get this straight im supposed to fight monster's that come for me" Jack ask "Yes" repiled Dai as he Ben Kim & Kat came from the cabain a few days ago to find Jack the last MaskMan. Later on that day Techtron crash into the building to find the MaskMan "woah what a rush" he said was he check the radar "there here in the buliding" he add as he took control over the buliding mainframe. "Error Error buliding on lockdown" the computer said at all the window's and door's lock and Masky's appeared through the ceiling "what are those things" Jack ask "there Masky's footsolder's of Zone" Dai repiled as he Ben Kim and Kat called out "Henshin" as they transform "RedMask Dai..BlueMask Ben...YellowMask Kim..PinkMask Kat...Aura Sentai MaskMan" They called as they didna team pose. "Woah" Jack said as he saw the other's Transform but the moment was done then all the worker's transform into Masky's to fight the MaskMan "let's go" said RedMask as he lead the other's to the fight while Jack use the Secret entrance to the computer room. "Let's see" he said as he try to turn off the computer but was stop by Techtron "hold it buster" he said as he shocked Jack back into the window "ow my leg it's broken" he cried as Techtrom move closer but then a black light appeared on his wrist "woah ok it payback time Henshin" Jack cried as he transform into a black Warrior "who are you" Techtron ask "i am BlackMask Jack" Jack answered as he did his pose. The 5 and final warrior was born BlackMask "it doesn't matter show you are im going to kill you" Techtron said as he ran towards BlackMask but 4 blast qas shot at Techtromln throwing him to the wall "got yeah" YellowMask said as she and the other's ran over to BlackMask as "you okay" PinkMask ask Jack "yeah" he answered as the put their power's together to make the "Masky Canon" Red said as he load the Canon " Target...Lock on" said Black&Blue "Ready...Set" said Yellow&Pink "Fire" said RedMask as the Beam hit Techtron but he wasn't defeated yet as he picked up a bottle of liquid and drink it "yes it's working" he said as he started to grow as tall as the skyscraper.....
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