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Astra and Ashwyn

by NonAnalogue

astra and ashwyn.png
NonAnalogue So you may have noticed that I've been not here for a while. That's because I've spent the last month writing a first draft of a novel I'm calling "Take Five"! I'm working on getting it edited now. Pictured here are the two main characters, Astra (left) and Ashwyn (right).

When the Magicians' Guild burns down and the Guildmaster is murdered, performer Astra Lucera takes it upon herself to find out exactly what happened. But when mysterious detective Ashwyn Vincent arrives on the trail with unwelcome news about the murderer, Astra must decide which is more important: finding the truth or saving a life. Along the way, the two of them will face rival adventurers, fearsome beasts, and a mage who’s confounded the gods themselves. Will Astra and Ashwyn be able to work together to solve the case? Or will the truth be lost forever?

I'm going to eventually try and get it published! Of course, it's a longshot, but no harm in trying!