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Gijinkas: Art Contest

by Astralpunk

Astralpunk As you all know, I love to make human versions of certain Pokémon, and lately I've been thinking about doing the same with my Pokésonas. Eight hours and a can of Redbull later, this is the result.

The story: Oshen, Kenta and Zephyr decided to get together and hold an art contest. Whoever can make the best artwork of their "favorite person" wins.

From left: Oshen with his (not at all bad) drawing of Ali, Kenta with Michi, and Zephyr with @Kat~Raichu Audino. ^^

So, who do you think would win?
  1. qlovers
    Lustre: *Draws her friend, Kikaii the Mismagius* I think Oshen and my drawing are close. . . Except. . . the witch hat is a bit. . . crooked. . .
    Em: *Draws Uaii-Kun, her Sister (An Umbreon)* M-Mine is kind of like Kenta's. . .
    Pix: *Draws Em* :3 I could say my One looks mostly like Zephyr's.
    Em: Umm, Miss Lampě , How can you draw your friend, Kikaii the Mismagius, IF YOU HAVE NO FREAKING HANDS?
    Lustre: I use my Handles.And Fire.It's quite hard.

    Em: . . .

    Jun 3, 2017
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  2. Splashfur
    Zephyr's art is amazing and Kenta's is great too
    Jun 2, 2017
  3. Imperfect World
    Imperfect World
    Zephyr! Duh.
    May 23, 2017
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  4. flint-n-steel
    Raikou : Its obvious that Zephy-
    Me : OSHEN
    Ho-oh : But-
    Me : O-S-H-E-N
    Swampert : Why's Skale so obsessed with oceans recently?
    Me : *stares* Swampert.....you're an idiot
    Swampert : IKR
    May 17, 2017
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  5. Tamazarokon
    Oshen. Totally Oshen
    May 15, 2017
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  6. hydtjfgtughv
    everyone else:ITS ZEPHYR!!!!!
    me: oshen....its oshen...obviously:up:
    Feb 12, 2017
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  7. Sunlight Isekai Overdrive
    Sunlight Isekai Overdrive
    Alex:Ermmm i'll go with Zephyr
    Dec 27, 2016
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    i like the one on the right
    Nov 21, 2016
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  9. BooBerry
    Kat: Sheesh nix, calm down :'|
    Budo: This is not the best time to bring Yuno here, besides, Pheonix might hurt her instantly :p
    Me: Maybe, but for now we should just in case
    Kat: 'Kay, but we must not tell-
    Me: Just forget it, many people might know about this
    Budo: <nods> yup...
    Nov 11, 2016
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  10. WolfyPop
    Phoenix: *Stares*
    Storm: Uhh.... Kota? Nix is umm.... getting jealous again...
    Dakota: *smirks* Don't worry you got it! :)
    Storm: Last time you left me to stop her I ended up getting a broken paw! :(
    Dakota: And? :)
    Oct 26, 2016
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  11. topazwolf91
    I think that Kenta's drawing is the best
    Sep 23, 2016
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  12. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    I think Kenta would win:)
    Sep 22, 2016
  13. Alex The Hydreigon
    Alex The Hydreigon
    YAY ZEPHYR!!!!!!! *I vote him :3*
    Sep 17, 2016
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  14. Astralpunk
    @Special Kumo They do, but I base their age on the time I caught them. Zephyr was the first in the group.
    Sep 11, 2016
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  15. BLOO Muffin
    BLOO Muffin
    @Acel So they don't age when they evolve?
    Sep 10, 2016
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  16. Astralpunk
    @Special Kumo Zephyr is around his late teens (… I think?), but if you want a more accurate answer, he's about a year older than the rest which is why they call him "big bro". :)
    Sep 10, 2016
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  17. BLOO Muffin
    BLOO Muffin
    @Kat~Raichu Yes!
    @Acel I have one question is Oshen in his teens or is he an adult? If he is an adult then wouldn't it be a bad thing that he likes a person WAY younger than him? If Ali is the same age as him then I guess it's fine.
    Sep 10, 2016
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  18. BooBerry
    Sep 10, 2016
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  19. BLOO Muffin
    BLOO Muffin
    Finally Zephyr is shipped with someone! :3
    Sep 10, 2016
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  20. DragoniteSkys
    Lol this is based of a image of picture of the axis from Hetalia right? I peronally love both Zephyr's and Kenta's drawings and well at least Oshen's is better than what I can do.
    Sep 6, 2016
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  21. Riverrunner
    Oshen wins, hands-down.
    Sep 6, 2016
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  22. TrickRoom
    I may be the only one who thinks this, but Kenta should win. That drawing is amazing.
    Sep 6, 2016
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  23. Popplio
    That drawing of Ali man

    10/10. Teach me your ways to draw Oshen :')
    Sep 5, 2016
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  24. Peachy Ace
    Peachy Ace
    Sep 5, 2016
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  25. Hisseki
    I think Zephyr wins .3. So kawaii~!
    Sep 5, 2016
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  26. Hisseki
    I think Zephyr wins .3. So kawaii~!
    Sep 5, 2016
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  27. Starfall
    Definitely Oshen XD
    Sep 5, 2016
  28. Lord Of Pain
    Lord Of Pain
    I think Zephyr won
    Sep 5, 2016
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