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Arcanine/Milotic Fusion Sprite

by Toru

Toru (yes I am making even more of these things shush)

This one was requested from a friend of mine and well, it was a bit difficult to conceive, if I'm perfectly honest. Initially I had this weird idea of using Milotic as the base, but I wasn't seeing much from that - using Arcanine as a base also had its limitations - I'm not great at making major edits, so the notion of removing Arcanine's fur was out of the question. In the end, I decided to give Arcanine Milotic's lower tail patterns by turning the stripes on its fur into the same markings. Aside from its eye, the top seems unedited - it actually has the same colour as the red markings, even though it still looks kinda orange - it's kinda weird how the two Pokemon are so alike in terms of certain colours.

Hope you like it, guys :D
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