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Arcanine and Ninetales: Gen 1 Painted

by Sy Kage

ArcanineNinetales Gen1 Recolors.png
Sy Kage So, I made a thing. I'm going to try and recolor ALL GEN I SPRITES to their Gen 5 palette. And what better way to start it than with the fire-breathing beasts of Kanto? "Quite a few ways, actually."
Hush, young one. Our adventure is yet to begin :)
  1. Ninetales and Jigglypuff
    Ninetales and Jigglypuff
    Yaaaaay!! Ninetales is first (and Arcanine too)!
    Jun 6, 2014
    Sy Kage likes this.
  2. Vaporeonn
    Arcanine's there! Though Ninetales looks pretty, too! Good job Sy!~
    Jun 2, 2014
    Sy Kage likes this.