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Ape escape- Pipotron Krak Redraw

by Shen: King of Digimon

Shen: King of Digimon The most cunning, depraved, and morally despicable pipotron. They do not believe in fair fighting or rules, and will violate any law or rule in order to gain the advantage. Lies and cheats are tools to success don't you know? Being the team's esteemed technician and scientist, he has a frightening knowledge about what makes the body tick...and how to make it stop ticking.

Using his custom eyepiece that's implanted into his head, this devious creature can spawn objects at foes at whim. From Crates, Barracades, and Boulders, to Cannons, guns, and Veichles. He can even hollow out entire rock faces into tunnels by teleporting the rock out.

If you are h fortunate enough to use technology for battle, Pipotrons Krak can summon up a holographic keyboard, and use it to hack most of any advanced machines. No firewall can surpass this genius's skills, not even the most advanced A.I. on his world. Even specter finds Krak a worthy challenge to his brain.

Even through all of that, there is more he can do. Pipotron Krak can lastly implant imagery into his foe's brain to throw them off guard. Weather it be a fighting move than makes them want to use that move, flashes of strobe like imagery, or even...NSFW material that takes them completely off guard, making them easy prey in battle. All is fair in love and war!
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