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andy's art in 2021

by Bumbletime

Bumbletime fnaf, re8 and razia's shadow. also ninjago but i havnt created anything very noteworthy (that isnt being kept confidential. totally not working on a massive project or anything) to do wit it.

ive improved!! look at that!! very good. lots improvement.

main fixations of 2021:
fnaf (all year round baybee)
re8 (May-ish - Now)
Razia's shadow (September - October, then again December - Now)
Ninjago (October - now)

Template from https://www.deviantart.com/asterianmonarch/art/2021-Summary-of-Art-Template-Blank-896812770 (2021 Summary of Art Template (Blank) by AsterianMonarch on DeviantArt)