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Amnesia: Nightmares of Equestria; Part 1: The Beginning...

by Ravyne Nevermore

Ravyne Nevermore A boy named Delta Nocturne, along with his friends Rarity and Applejack, search for their friend Twilight in a terrifying place. Not able to get out the way they came, they look for Twilight and hopefully, find a way out of this horrible place...
"HEY! HEY GUYS!" "What do ya want Spike?" Delta replied. "Have you seen Twilight?" Spike asked. "Why, no darling, we haven't." Rarity told the small dragon. "Why is there somethin' the matter?" Applejack asked him. "I haven't seen her since she went into a scary cave!" the purple dragon said worried. "Where is it? We'll find her." Delta told him. "It's over here..." Spike showed them. "Don't ya worry Spike, we'll find her!" Applejack said with a smile. "Thank you!" Spike exclaimed.

(As they entered the cave they fell into a hole and were stuck in a... Creepy dungeon... WTF! What kind of cave is this?!)

"WHAT THE WHAT! Why is there a dungeon in a cave! Who does that!" Delta ranted. "Um... How are we gonna get out?" Applejack asked.
"... FFFUUU!!!" Delta memed.
"Is that Twilight's lantern?" Rarity asked. "OMG! IT IS!" exclaimed Delta and Applejack.
(At that moment a Mario mushroom slides in front of them)
"wtf..." Delta blankly said with an expressionless face.
"Hey there's a door at the end of this hall, lets find Twilight and look for a way out of here." Delta said somewhat confident. "Come on lets go!" Applejack said dashing through the door. "Wait for us!" Rarity exclaimed.

  1. Ravyne Nevermore
    Ravyne Nevermore
    I may not continue this... Can't think of a way to continue the story... Sorry...
    Jul 15, 2015