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Alix de Feu

by baratron

Alix de Feu.png
baratron Alix de Feu is the main character from my Oblivion fanfiction. He is a Breton mage who fights principally with Fire magic, and also with a sword. I designed the character a few years ago but was never able to get him looking right in Oblivion itself, because there just weren't enough options in general, let alone for creating short, skinny, girlish men.

This is Alix created in Elder Scrolls Online. It took me about an hour and a half to get his face and features right. The hair mesh is the thing I am least happy with, because the hairline is extremely unrealistic, and Alix's hair should be wavy. But the colour is right and the style is approximately right, and his eyes are rich brown and his ears are slightly pointed, just as they should be :).

It took me about another half hour to make his clothing and find the most appropriate dye colours. He's wearing a green cotton shirt and brown leather trousers, all in the Breton style. I particularly like the little bag - it seems useful for carrying potions for immediate use in battle.

Also, check out my deviantArt for a load of screenshots.