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Shaha Region!: Adventures of the Cardinal 4 - the beginning

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain The story of 4 of my trainer OCs in my fan made Region - comedy, Cringe, Drama, Action, fourth wall breaks and Heart wrenches - be ready to experience all of these things
It was a nice and peaceful day in Nimbasa city in the Unova region, the rays of summer sunlight shining on the houses and streets, it sure was a great day t-


Never mind.......

Two 15 year old boys where running down the streets with the poke mart owner running after them, "we need to lose him!" Shouted one of them, his hair white as snow, eyes a deep shade of Maroon, his outfit consisted of a black shirt with a skull on it, a white fur coat, fingerless black leather gloves and black skinny jeans, his skin pale as if he hasn't been in the sun for months

"Then why don't you find some ideas Phobos!?" Said the other boy to the white haired one, this one had blond hair, slightly tanned skin and amber eyes, his outfit being a sandy yellow turtleneck sweater, beige baggy jeans and a brown scarf with black strips

"Shut up Nick!" Phobos said to the blond boy running next to him, "it's not like you have a plan!", soon Phobos regretted that statement when a smirk appeared on the face of his fellow trainer from Hoenn, actually I do, but you'll have to trust me" Nick said but Phobos instantly countered, "last time you said that we had to go through the sewers! Do you have the foggiest clue how hard it is to clean this fur coat from that filth?!" Exclamed Phobos

Nick rolled his eyes and asked "why in the name of Arceus are you wearing a fur coat?! It's summer!"

Phobos looked at the blond with a dead-serious expression and said "your the one wearing a turtleneck sweater and a scarf in the summer!"

"Touché" Nick said as he started to run faster leaving his white haired friend behind and then took a really sharp turn to the right

"Get back here you Pokeball thieves!" Shouted the poke mart owner as he got closer to Phobos, the boy gulped before running at top speed, he then took a sharp turn the the Right as the owner ran past the alleyway he and Nick have hid in, after a few minutes he high fived his blond friend and said "we got away! Haha we outsmarted him!"

"We sure did!" Nick said with a wide smile on his face, but soon the smile became a frown as he felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned and there she was, the blond electric gym leader of Nimbasa herself, Elesa

"Well well well, Phobos Hexen and Nicholas Asier.... what problem did you two troublemakers cause this time?" She said with a knowing smile, she started to guide them out of the Alleyway and up north of the city to a tailor shop called "Silken Goods", the shop owner tagging along, Furious as he could be

*in the shop*

The 21 year old man known as Zodiac Hexen was working at his sowing machine, his hair jet black and untidy, his skin pale and eyes a deep shade of maroon, his outfit consisting of a maroon leather coat over a violet Button up shirt, maroon fancy pants and a maroon fedora with a violet feather, on the other end of the shop was his younger cousin Valmont Hexen was drinking his 118th cup of coffee for the day, "you need to work on your addiction over coffee" Zodiac said to the white haired, indego eyed 19 year old wearing black skinny jeans with a sky blue button up shirt, a lab coat and sky blue tinted reading glasses

The scientist payed no attention to the Tailor as he took another sip, he rolled his eyes when he saw Elesa, the fuming poke mart owner, his younger cousin and his cousin's friend entering the shop and headed to the basement

"What did they do this time?" Zodiac asked as he looked at his youngest cousin and his friend

"They stole 60 Pokeballs from my store!" Said the owner, just then Valmont returned with a pen and held it up to the man, with a click a white flash appeared and the man calmed down, "what am I doing here?" He asked confused, "you came to say hi" Valmont said with his best 'you don't remember?' Face

"Oh! Well I better get going! Have a nice day!' He said as he left the tailor store as if he hasn't been robbed, Elesa was staring in disbelief, "what did you do to him?!" She asked but Valmont just flashed her too, "um why am I here?" She asked

Valmont pointed at Zodiac and said "you came to check on the dress you asked Zodiac to make for you a week ago"

"Oh yeah! For the winter season fashion show in kanto! How is it going Zodiac?" She asked with a smile

"The Dress will be finished soon, 100% real helioptile skin straight from Kalos" he said as he continued his work

"good, call when your done" Elesa said as she left the shop, Valmont turned to the two infimous troublemakers and asked "couldn't you two just buy the Pokeballs?!"

"With the monthly salary I get from working at the mines at the west of the region I can barely buy 10!" Phobos pointed out before all 4 of the people in the shop had their phones buzz at the same time

Valmont got to read the message that was just sent to him before the others got to read their messages

Dear Valmont

You and 300 other lucky trainers have been chosen from all the different regions to get free cruise ship tickets to the Shaha region! If you come as a tourist then welcome to our Region! If you come as a trainer to beat our league then come meet me in my lab

From Professor Ebony

Once Valmont finished reading he looked at the others, the was an awkward silence but finally Nick broke it, "I got the same message...", "me too" said Zodiac, "me three" said Phobos

"Well looks like we are going on an adventure, pack up boys we got a cruise ship to catch tomorrow" Valmont said as he headed out of the shop and down south of the city to his house

Nick headed to the east of the city to his house and Phobos to the west, Zodiac just headed to the second floor of his shop and started to pack up