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Adventures in Unova

by Ambushment

Ambushment Pt. 2
"Yay!" I yell. "Finally caught that struggling lillipup!" "Come back Oshawott."

After he catches the lillipup he heres a yell from behind.

"Riley, Riley!, wait up!" -gasp gasp- "wait for Meee!"

Its Jason. My friend, but also a weirdo. I tried to stay away from him after a while. But he seemed to never EVER go away.

"Hey... Jason.." I say with a weak voice.

"Riley, Riley! What did you pick for your starter?! I picked Tepig." Says Jason

"I picked Oshawott." I say.

We walk down the route together and talked about when we we're younger and we always talked about being pokemon masters and beating the champion. Good times, we stopped at the Pokecenter and I got my lillipup and Oshawott healed.

"Hey Riley wanna battle? Jason says.

"Umm.. sure." I say.

"Okay, Tepig Go!" Says Jason.

"Come on Oshawott." I say.

"Tepig use tackle!" He bellows.

"Oshawott dodge."

When Oshawott dodges he gets mad and uses Ember. Oshawott is barely affected. I then hit him with a water gun and Faints his Tepig. The good news was that my Oshawott leved up.

"Good match." Jason says.

"Yea it was fun, I reply. Pretty easy though." I reply.

"Shut Up."

"Haha" I say. "Lets go."

I guess he won't be so bad to hang around after all.....

"Jason, lets set up camp."


Today Jason and Riley are going to battle the elite four. Rileys pokemon are a Lillipup and an Oshawott and Jasons are a Tepig and a Patrat. We train with our pokemon all day and get prepared for the battle.

Riley and Jason leave the campsite and head back to Asperita City to fight the first gym leader.