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Adrian's Shoutmon vs Shauna's Sylveon: Ultimate Battle

by Adrian2AMBoss

Adrian2AMBoss Based on Me vs Shauna!
Once in the Kalos Region, A Group of trainers would have to battle each other and Adrian and Shauna were the Last 2 People in that Tournament. Who ever wins gets 100,000 Dollars and A Ticket to Riches!!!!! "I will not lose!" Adrian said, looking at his Lucario. He was so focused on the Tournament, He wouldn't even give up even if a Super Effective Move! Lucario was also focused and The Funny thing was Adrian's Lucario Can Talk! "Dude, It's a Battle! Who cares about $100,000?" Lucario said, looking firm. THEY KNEW THEY HAD TO WIN! So, They showed up at the Stadium. "You're Late, Rookie......" Shauna said, hastening Adrian up there. "BEGIN!" The Referee shouted. Then, Some Charmeleon named Shoutmon watched the Battle closely and wanted to battle. "Hey Adrian! Leave Lucario Out! I've got this!" Shoutmon said, looking confident. "Well Shoutmon, Okay." Adrian said, like a Nervous person. "Shoutmon, Use Mystical Fire, then Use Bone Rush!!" Adrian commanded. "Sylveon, Protect!" Shauna commanded. Although, Shoutmon was Fast and before Sylveon could use Protect, She got hit by Mystical Fire, then got wacked by Bone Rush and went in rocks! Due to an Error, Sylveon couldn't move. Sylveon got out of Paralyzation and moved on. "Sylveon, Use Moon Blast!" Shauna commanded. "Counter it with Fire Ball!!" Adrian commanded. Due to another error, Fire Ball beat Moonblast and Sylveon fainted. She was Hurt and Injured. Shauna gave the Necklace to The Referee and Adrian won the Tournament!!