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Cassandra Michaels: Ace Trainers

by PentheWonderful

PentheWonderful Just a little thing I did for my reunion rp Grave of the Forgotten with @Acroticus and @Curtkid which will be a horror/thriller Ask To Join thread once we've established the story!

So here we have our scurvy crew, (from left to right) Jacob, Cassie, and Curt. Feel free to check out our thread!
  1. E.K.A.N.S.
    Curt is my kinda guy. Unlike the steely Jacob he’s smiling warmly and seems fun.
    Dec 25, 2018
  2. PentheWonderful
    @EspeonTheBest Aww, I'm very flattered! Thank you so much! But really, all it takes is a whole lot of practice, reference, more practice, patience, and time investment. Every artist starts out copying other artist's work, but from that phase, you begin to learn proportion and train your drawing intuition at the same time. You'll get there!

    And are you kidding me? Of course you'll be allowed to join when it's Ask To Join, Espe! We'll look forward to it!
    Apr 9, 2016
  3. EspeonTheBest
    I'm totally not completely and entirely jealous of this whole picture and how talented you are at drawing clothing, hair, shading, people in general or anything. Nope. Not even a little bit. (And I'm totally lying :))

    You did a fantastic job on this! The shading is wonderful and I specifically love how you did the eyes and hair- the two things I can't manage to get right. I'm hoping that I may be able to join once the RP becomes Ask To Join- I've been reading along!
    Apr 9, 2016
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  4. PentheWonderful
    @_Umbreon_ The thread you mean? As long as your posts are at least a paragraph long, then sure! ^^
    Apr 9, 2016
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  5. _Umbreon_
    Could I join when this becomes a thing /) ; w;(\
    Apr 9, 2016
  6. PentheWonderful
    @Acroticus ahh, I'm glad I did! Thank you! His hair was a lot of fun to do :D
    Apr 9, 2016
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  7. Trucro
    Whoa!!!! This is amazing! You definitely got Jacob right!
    Apr 9, 2016
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  8. PentheWonderful
    @Kaben Thanks ^^
    @Curtkid That sounds about right XD he's probably somewhere off screen waiting for his chance
    Apr 8, 2016
  9. Curtkid
    Ha, the looks very nice! Maybe it's just the cynical side of me, but when I look at this picture, I can't help but imagine Embertail just waiting to jump in a ruin the moment!
    Apr 8, 2016
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  10. Kaben and Madeleine
    Apr 7, 2016
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