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A Swampert's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke Tale: A Swampert's Omega Ruby Nuzlocke Tale: Part 5, I Dub Thee Doge!

by Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke

Swampert "Beef Cake" Poke #summercamp15
A wild poochyena appeared!
Go! Beef Cake!
Use water gun!
Wild Poochyena used fire fang!
Come on! Poke-Ball!
1. 2. 3. 4. CLICK
All right! I caught a Poochyena! Come on out! "Poochy!" "Poochy!" Hmmmmmmmm.......... I got it! I'll name you Doge!
An hour of grinding later
uggghhhh. I hate grinding! *Walks to Poke-Center
"Good morning and welcome to the Poke-Center! Would you like me to heal your Pokemon?"
Why else would i be here?
"Your Pokemon are now rested and ready for battle"
Thank you.......... I guess im off to Petalburg
"Hey, I thought i was sketching some rare foot prints, but they turned out to be my own!"
1. I don't care
2. you may suffer from a disease, so you should make a doctors appointment
*sets one foot on the route
"If you have a Pokemon on you, your a trainer. If you are a trainer you HAVE to battle me!"
Is that a law?
"No its just proper etiquette"
What is a three year old doing with a Pokemon anyway?
Go Beef Cake!
"Go Zigzagoon!"
Use water gun!
"Use tackle!"
One last water gun!
Zigzagoon fainted!
"Arrgh I lost, i should have trained more............"
Recieved $64 for winning
Ummm isn't fighting animals for money illegal?
"Not in Japan i guess"
Who cares then!
*walks into tall grass
A Seedot!
Beef Cake Used tackle!
Seedot used up!
Beef Cake used tackle!
Seedot used Beat up!
Come on Poke-Ball!
Seedot was got!
Beef Cake grew to LVL 8!
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