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A story long forgotten...

by RogueEcho

RogueEcho truly, it is forgotten. Still, I've uploaded it, why? because.

It was a beautiful morning. The sun had just started to spray its warming rays down on the earth, as it climbed up to its rightful place in the top of the sky. Down below, in the pleasant shadows cast by the trees, different Pokémon all woke up to embrace the new and exciting day, and prepared themselves for the upcoming work that the daylight supplied.

From being completely silent in the night, save for the usual Hoothoot and different night-pokemons, the forest now buzzed with activity. Rattatas could be seen milling about, collecting berries, and occasionally stopping to sense danger, before resuming their activities.

Of course, there was a lot more Pokémon living in the forest, but the dark Shadow didn´t care a bit. Why should he? Those Pokemon weren´t even his primary goal, and the one he was looking for was far more rare than a simple Rattata.

The Shadow quickly and nimbly dodged between the trees, always staying in the dark of the trees as to go unnoticed by the other Pokémon. The shadow liked to think that it was his superior evading skills that made him go unnoticed, but his invisibility probably helped too, although he would never admit it; that invisibility had probably saved his life more times than he could count.

As he continued to evade the other Pokémon, he couldn´t help but to think back a few days ago, when life seemed so different...

"Is he ready?" a cold but commanding voice asked. "Yes," a second voice answered."subject 24 seems to accept the drugs fairly well, and there has been an increase in his power levels." The first voice seemed satisfied with the second´s answer, but that quickly changed when the second decided to speak up again,"unfortunately, test subject 13 couldn´t handle the drugs, and we had to put it down" "that´s most unfortunate Sam," the first voice addressed the second know as Sam.

The first voice continued, "Now were in the world do you think that we could find another one!" The voice hissed, clearly pissed off. "I´m sorry Ka-," Sam began to say to reassure his boss, but was cut of by the first voice,"How many times will I have to say this; Never say my name!" Sam´s boss was now completely in fury, not only had he lost a test subject to those incompetent idiots, but hes head-scientist had now broken the golden rule; Never ever say the boss´s name.

The boss was about to kill the poor scientist right on the spot, when suddenly an idea crossed his mind, a terribly terrific idea. A mischievous grin slowly spread across his face, as the Boss put his brilliant plan on how to get another test subject, and put Sam into place, in motion.

Sam meanwhile, began to sweat.

He knew that something was wrong when his Boss went silent. Sam knew that his Boss rarely sunk into a deep thought, and he only did that when he figured out his (often) brilliant plans. Or that´s what Sam kept telling himself anyway.

` maybe he wants to kill me!` a strange thought popped up in Sam´s head. `no no no, the boss would never do that!` he reassured himself.

He, the top scientist and leader for project Orion, would never in his wildest dreams found himself in the middle of one of the boss´s famous plans, would he?

`maybe he wants me to take over the organization, or lead an attack,or-` Sam began to think glorious things, about power and money and a meaningful position in this new plan. But his chain of thought were interrupted by the Boss´s coughing, announcing that his plan was finished.

The Boss began," You my dear Sam, has always been a loyal and trustworthy member of my team, always vigilant and never once has you failed your assignments. You are a prime example of the best of the best within my team, and I´m proud of you." The boss said flashing Sam a grin of approval.

Sam was now completely in ecstasy. `Had the Boss just praised him for all his good work? It was to good to be true!` Sam thought.

"Now," the Boss said, "I want you to go down in chamber 2843 and follow my orders to the letter, once that´s done, I´ll give you the rest of my plan."

With that, the head-scientist exited the room he and the Boss where in, and began to take the long elevator-ride down to sub-level 2843. The Boss watched him disappear with a small smile on his lips. When the doors to the room closed, and Sam was out of sight, the Boss began to openly laugh. Not a kind or friendly one, but one of pure evil.

The evil laugh echoed around the room for a bit, adding its effect to whoever was unfortunate enough to hear.

"Ha, well look at that," the Boss chucked to himself "A few praising words, and they´ll do anything I order them to, besides, how can Sam be so stupid anyway? I thought the line of stupidity was crossed by Katie and xel...Oh well," the Boss whispered, " I´ll guess that the new stupidity-award goes to Sam then!"

The Boss broke out in laughter at his own joke, but quickly calmed down. After all, he had a reputation to uphold. He quickly turned around and sat down in his comfy leather-chair, made some calls to lab 2843 and lightened a cigar. "everything´s going according to plan."

The Shadow knew that the Boss had planned something terrible that day, but there was nothing he could´ve done to stop him from executing it. But he would have time to dwell on that later, the target was close, and he could feel the fear radiating from it.

The Shadow followed the "scent" of fear. Like a trail, it lead in a zig-zag movement throughout the forest. ´interesting` the Shadow thought. `that he would recognize me so early, and then try to zig-zag around to confuse me. Sad it didn´t work.` the Shadow thought, smirking as he did. The scent carried him to a lake, and then disappeared.

"hiding are ya?" the Shadow said, "well that won´t work for long!" he yelled and fired a shadow pulse across the lake. However this shadow pulse was a bit special. With a flick of his wrist, the Shadow made the pulse go down under the water, and having finally been able to localize his target, he made the shadow pulse collapse on itself. This made the pressure inside the lake multiply, wich led all the Pokemon currently residing in the lake to forcefully rise to the surface as not to suffer from imploding. Including his now-unconscious Target.

"Ah, there you are!" the Shadow exlaimed joyfully as his eyes fell upon the unconscious-rare pokemon. "Now let´s have some fun!," The Shadow stopped himself to gather enough strength to whisper the Pokemons name that he hated so much;"Latios."