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A story i'm working on.

by xnicktheGamerx

xnicktheGamerx I'm working on a lot of stuff right know, I just wanted to show you guys a little something.
His hand rubbed on Latias' shiny head," Alright Latias, were gonna play a game. See those energy of electricity? " Spherical forms of electricity zipped by us. " You dodge the electricity and make it to that platform over there! " Flynn shouted, squinting his eyes and pointing at a tiny platform. Latias gave a playful roar, and sped up. " If one of the electricity jolts shock you, you lose! " He shouted. Latias glided left & right multiple times. A team plasma grunt shouted to another," Shoot the kid and that pokemon! We need it for testing! " A plasma soldier, in a black ninja suit leaped onto a cannon aiming for them.

Flynn looked over shouting," Latias! GO RIGHT! " A large wave of electricity came toward them, Latias dove down and escaped the high electric rope. " Come on you lousy freeloaders! Take them down! " Another grunt yelped," Shut up! Your not even firing a cannon! " The grunt took a grin and replied," I've got a promotion which tells me I can boss you around because I'm the leader of grunts. " The other grunt leaped off his cannon tackling the other. Flynn shouted," Don't worry! We're almost there! "

The enemy, Seth, slouched in his chair watching Latias and Flynn fly past. He said," Grunt, why is there a boy and his pokemon flying through our ultra powered cannons? "
" Sir, I assume he wants to be a hero. "
The grunt replied.
" Ready the grunts with their flying pokemon, if that can't stop the boy..nothing can! "
The Grunt nodded, scurrying off deep into the ship.

" Latias! Were gonna make it! " Flynn shouted, tightly holding onto latias. " Kuaan! " Latias shouted, giving a happy grin. Suddenly, Grunts on their Woobats & Unfezants
charged for Latias. " Now Latias! Tackle through their pokemon! " Latias sped up more, slamming into pokemon in her way. Grunts screamed, as they fell through the sky.
Latias landed on the platform, Flynn jumped off her back. Flynn hugged Latias," Good job Latias! Return! " Latias returned to her ultra ball. Flynn walked through the ship entrance doors, awaiting his next trial.
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