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A Sceptile for an Adventure: Chapter 1.

by Tirqu Tell

Tirqu Tell As you might know, I'm quite fond of my Sceptile, and thought uploading a story of our relationship would help you to see my story.
It started when I was 11 when my grand adventure began... I still get shivers whenever I think of that day i got him, my greatest companion...
It was the day! I shot up from bed, getting my jacket on hastily and running down the steps into the living room downstairs. My mom looked at me, and laughed, "Dear, I think you forgot to change out of your pajama pants." I looked at my legs, seeing the green flannel shorts that went to my knees were still on, I sighed, "Okay... What's for breakfast?" I asked, sitting down and taking my GameBoy from my jacket pocket, playing Final Fantasy IV.
"Leftovers from last night's dinner, Tauros Steak and broccoli." she replied, walking to the blue table we ate at and laying the round, clay plate in front of me. "Eat up!" She smiled and skipped back to the kitchen, cleaning up the dishes from our 'Moving out' party yesterday. "Thanks Mom." I took a fork that was in a pile of other utensils in the center of the table, where we always keep them. I started cutting into the steak with the side of my fork, since the knives were used from last night, especially because Kiba had horribly shaky hands, and his knife kept falling, and he doesn't like dirty things touching his food. He's a bit of a neat freak. And it's been awhile since I saw Stand, so he was here yesterday and he only used one knife, fortunately, except he never used it, and so when he was trying to cut into the Delibird and Steak he kept shoving his knife into the others, which made them dirty from the gravy and butter on it.
After I was finished eating, I turned off my GameBoy Advance and stood up, taking my plate to the kitchen counter, "Okay! I'm going to change my pants now!" Mom laughed as I ran up the stairs, quickly getting into my room. "Okay...okay... pants... Gah! I should've washed my clothes yesterday!" I looked around anxiously, finally spotting some jeans that were slightly too small for me, but they would do. I got them on quickly, hearing my Mom call, "Tirqu! The movers are here!". I fell onto my face when I was stumbling around to pick up my boxes and grabbed them when I regained my posture, running down the stairs, seeing the Machoke already grabbing Mom's stuff for her. I quickly ran to one, who gently grabbed the three boxes from me, smiling and nodding. I allowed him to take my stuff in a gesture of a nod and smile in return. I ran upstairs to see if I forgot anything, seeing my little PC on the desk. I quickly unplugged it and picked it up, grabbing the journal that was beside it, running downstairs. I thought the PC would have been easy enough for me to carry but it started to make my arms ache, the Machoke from before had noticed this and grabbed it from me, bringing it back to the green truck that the rest of our items was in. "Thank you!" I knew he couldn't understand me, and even if he could, he couldn't say anything back. mom walked up to me and smiled, "Hey Tirqu, do you want to ride in the back of the truck?"
My eyes widened, "Really? I-Of course!" I looked at her as if to say 'duh, that sounds like the coolest thing ever'.
"Haha. I should've known better, you'd do anything to do something new..." she turned away, "I'll go tell them!" then she skipped away, to the young man who was directing the Machoke. I smiled, and sighed, knowing I would have a great move. 'Goodbye Johto... hello Hoenn!' I thought.
  1. Tirqu Tell
    Tirqu Tell
    I'll tell it again. XD
    Nov 13, 2013
  2. austin1
    Cool story bro
    Nov 13, 2013
  3. Tirqu Tell
    Tirqu Tell
    I know, but it HAS been hinted towards in the anime and Pokemon games that Pokemon are eaten in their world, this is mostly showed in the whole "Slowpoke Tail" thing.
    Nov 11, 2013
  4. ShinyZekrom009
    "..., and so when he was trying to cut into the Delibird and Steak he kept shoving his knife into the others, which made them dirty from the gravy and butter on it."

    Creative, but a little...odd for a Pokemon story. :?
    Nov 11, 2013