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Pokemon ORAS 2: Regigigas is Awoken: A Memory not Forgotten!

by JC111414

JC111414 Uriel finally made it to the final gym, where he'll get his final badge and enter the New Hoenn, but he isn't there
I quickly ran to the gym and saw the gym leader going out.
Gym closed for the day, come back tomorrow
"Are you kidding me" I said. Melanie came to me. "So what now" she said. "I have to go" I said leaving. I walked and decided to sat down in the grass thinking.
Water Gym-Cacnea one more time, Wooper use Dig, Oh no, Cacnea use Leaf Blade" And Cacnea finished off Wooper. "Great job, Here's your badge" Archie said.
Grass Gym-Servine and Monferno battle it out and at the end Monferno got the upper hand and the winner was Uriel. "Well, congrats here is your new badge, the Verdel Badge hope you keep up with the dreams" Georgia said.
Rock Gym-Go Boldore use Magnitude. Boldore almost knockout out Medicham. Medicham use Ice Punch. Medicham's Ice Punch managed to pull it off and win Uriel the badge. "YES" I said. "I won". "You sure did, here take this badge" he said giving me the Fall Badge.
Fire Gym-"Return, Go Torkoal use Rock Smash". Torkaol almost took out Carvanha but Carvanha evolve into Sharpedo and finished the battle. "I won" I said. "Yeah, guess you learn your lesson" Flannery said giving me the badge.
Fairy Gym-Go Slurpuff use Play Rough, Monferno use Thunder Punch. Slurpuff knockout Monferno. Go Medicham use Fire Punch. Slurpuff faints to Fire Punch and Uriel wins the match. "Here take it" Fabiana said.

Flying Gym-Altaria attacks, but Monferno manages to dodge. Altaria keep it up, Monferno you too. Altaria kept using Dragon Breath and Monferno kept dodging it. NOW, MONFERNO USE THUNDER PUNCH. Monferno moves with ease and knocks out Altaria. "Guess you beat me" Winona said.
Ice Gym-Return, Go Lapras use Sing, DODGE and use Thunder Punch. Medicham dodge the attack and Medicham stroke down Lapras and Uriel won the match. "Congrats, here take this Ice Badge" Holly said.
All those battles, they were the ones that help me get this badges I have right now, and now I'm ready to fight this guy. "The names Samir" a guy came to me. "You must be the gym leader "I said standing up. "Yep, who are you" Samir said. "I'm Uriel, I have come this far to battle you" I said. "I heard stories from your friends, the legend of Uriel traveling and battling even Rigent" Samir said. "You have the guts" he said. "I'm Uriel, and I will win" I said. "Well let's go to my gym" Samir said. "Yeah" I said following him back to the city...
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