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A little holiday pikachu (unfinished)

by DragonDare

DragonDare a little story about a pikachu who saves christmas (though i dont celebrate it) spirit. fly on! this is a poki poki special.
pikachu looked around. everything was dark. there was no christmas lights to be able to see anything. poki was neer by."whats wrong?" he said. pikachu looked at poki and his green eyes and sighed. everything was wrong. it was christmas time and the city was as spiritless as a empty meadow. something was up. this city is always brightened up at christmas time. but why was it so dull and empty this year. pikachu sighed again. "everything is wrong, poki. everything." poki tilted his head. "we can do it!" pikachu looked back at poki. do what? solve this problem.

poki ran to a strange pipe. this city was counting on him. pikachu told him everything. he slid down. strange marks where on the walls. a pokemon with sharp claws did it. he saw a whisker on the ground. it was a cat pokemon. poki thought of subspects who could have done it. "meowth....persian....purrloin...." poki blinked. "fluffy. of course! he hates happiness! time for the mouse to leave bait!"

fluffy didn't expect it. his tecnology to stop happiness was ruined. he followed a yummy meal just to realize his machine was jammed! a tear came out of his eye. chistmas was back and everyone will be happy. it was all because of that no good poki!

pikachu smiled. "poki, you saved christmas! now, let me introduce you to a man called santa!"

The End