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Pokemon Stories: A Lie of One Nightmare

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 Cloud has a nightmare,but she tries to wake up.Will she be able to,or will her mind repeat this nightmarish dream over and over?
-Cloud's Nightmare-
Cloud was still in her house,but she was alone.Outside sat all of her pokemon,fainted,defeated,and didn't move.A mob of people came closer to her,trapping her in the house.The fiery torches they had in their hands made Cloud more anxious.There was banging on the door as the people came,furious.Cloud soon was surrounded by them,she curled into a tight ball.It was kindergarten all over again,the people kicked her,just as the bullies did.Cheers of this action surrounding her sound,she screamed,
"STOP!!!STOP!!!!Please!!!Stop!!!"but they continued.All the people she had defeated in battles,trainers,gym leaders,Team Rocket,and the Elite Four,kept punishing her.They kept yelling her name in mockery,
"Cloud!Cloud!Cloud!Cloud!Cloud!"fire touched her skin and danced on her.She uncurled and put her fists in the air.She screamed at the top of her lungs,the scarf she had,and cared much about,burned away,Cloud's tears being lit on fire like the rest off her.She saw as Lance stepped forward,he looked at his old friend,now burning,he spoke,
"Cloud!Just as you burned your house and your sleeping mother to the ground,then you should burn the same way."Lance stepped back.The torches in people's hands touched everywhere around the house,the crowd quickly running out.Cloud was alone,burning just like her house was.Memories faded away as she watched her pokemon were slain one by one.And for the last time of her life,she screamed in the burning house of Cloud.

-Cloud waking up-
Cloud kept screaming as Ore and Mystic tried to help her.Her sweat dripped,her screams pierced,and her pokemon worried about her.
"Cloud!Cloud!Cloud,wake up!"Ore yelled,he shook her wildly.Cloud opened her eyes,seeing the two pokemon.She grabbed them and pulled them into her bed,luckily Mystic escaped in time,Ore did not.Cloud cried,hugging tightly onto Ore,Mystic and Ore assured her everything was alright.An hour past,and the screaming and crying stopped,Cloud came down only to be hugged by Twix.
"Your alright,Cloud! I was so worried about you,we all were!You kept screaming and punching,back and forth!We didn't know what to do!"Twix speedily explained.Cloud put her down,laughing,she smiled.
"It's alright,I'm alright,it was just- a bad dream,that's all."she smiled reassuring she was okay.
They believed her lie,she didn't want them to find out.So,for as long as she would remember,she would keep it a secret.